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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases December, 2010

AMBER ALLURE (http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/)
Beyond Reckless by Ava March
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Sagittarius: Mr. November by Pepper Espinoza
A Different Breed by Angel Martinez
Fawnskin, Book 2: Frenzied by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly
Shades Of Dreams by T. A. Chase
Shift Happens by Storm Grant
I'll Run Away For The Holidays by Stephani Hecht
A Man Of Principle by Victor J. Banis
The Werewolf In Red by Mimi Riser
Cave Creek Cowboy: Count On Three by Brit Blaise
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Capricorn: Forgotten Faces by Vivien Dean
Egypt's Captive by C. D. Leavitt
Fielder's Choice by Gabrina Garza

BEAR BONES BOOKS (http://bearbonesbooks.com/)
Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South by Jeff Mann

BELLA BOOKS (http://www.bellabooks.com/)
Devil's Rock by Gerri Hill
Tide Of Darkness (The Lost Colony Theater Murders) by Joseph L.S. Terrell
Ashes To Ashes by Gwen Hunter
The Always Anonymous Beast by Lauren Wright Douglas
Shadow Point by Amy Briant
Something to Believe by Robbi McCoy

BOLD STROKES BOOKS (http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com/)
Breathless by Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman
Indelible by Jove Belle
Rum Spring by Yolanda Wallace
The Straight Shooter: A Nate Dainty Manhunt! by Paul Faraday
Chasing Love by Ronica Black

BREATHLESS PRESS (http://www.breathlesspress.com/)
Perfect Christmas by DC Juris
Furry Endeavors by Christina Jade Loren

Angels and Manners by Cynn Chadwick
Love in the Balance by Marianne K. Martin
Girls With Hammers: The second in the Cat Rising series by Cynn Chadwick

CARINA PRESS (http://ebooks.carinapress.com/)
His for the Holidays by Josh Lanyon
Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox
Mistletoe at Midnight by L.B. Gregg
Icecapade by Josh Lanyon
I Heard Him Exclaim by Z.A. Maxfield

CHANGELING PRESS (http://www.changelingpress.com/)
Bear With Me by Jade Buchanan
Sugarplum: Mutts by Sarah Black
Sugarplum: Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin
Sugarplum: Just Wink by Bryl R. Tyne

CLEIS PRESS (http://www.cleispress.com/)
Best Bondage Erotica 2011 by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Best Gay Erotica 2011 by Richard Labonte and Kevin Killian

DREAMSPINNER PRESS (http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/)
Butterfly's Child by Alan Chin
Fish & Chips by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux
The Night Porter by Sue Brown
Mongrel by K.Z. Snow
Trusted Bond by Mary Calmes
Relationships 201 by Alix Bekins
Nathaniel by Jan Irving
For Love of War by Kiernan Kelly
Infected: Bloodlines by Andrea Speed
Out of the Gilded Cage by John Simpson
The Christmas Wager by Jamie Fessenden
Home for the Holidays by Lori Toland
The Matelot by Ariel Tachna
Love Means… No Fear by Andrew Grey
The New Game by G.G. Royale
Neskaya by Augusta Li
American Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane

EXCESSICA (http://excessica.com/)
Irish Punk By Kenn Dahll
Sail to the Sun By Habu
Ripper’s Redemption By Jaqueline Applebee
Tanbi By Tessa Buxton
Witness for the Prosecution By Habu
All The Way By Giselle Renarde
Club Paradise By Wayne Mansfield
Human Nature By Jason Halstead
Bathory’s Kiss By Isabelle Rose

EXTASY BOOKS (http://www.extasybooks.net/)
Love Unleashed by Kira Chase
Red Lights and Silver Bells by Stephani Hecht
First Foot by A. J. Llewellyn
Mistress Sheila and her Four Naughty Elves by Beverly Rae
A Sangrille Christmas by Mark Alders
A Shifter Christmas by Stephani Hecht
Sterling for Christmas by D. J. Manly
Back Door Santa by JC Raefael
Merry Christmas, Darling by Stone Richards

INSOMNIAC PRESS (http://www.insomniacpress.com/)
I'm A Registered Nurse Not A Whore by Anne Perdue
Red Rover by Liz Bugg

JMS BOOKS (http://www.jms-books.com/)
Frank's Place by Terry O'Reilly
Stepping Up to the Plate by J.M. Snyder
Surface Tension by Drew Hunt
Picture Postcards by J.M. Snyder
Opening Day at the County Fair by J.M. Snyder
Gypsy Wine by J.T. Marie
we in my Trans
The Shadow Fey by J.T. Marie
The Powers of Love by J.M. Snyder
Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams by J.M. Snyder
Love You Forever by Terry O'Reilly
Colin and Martin's First Christmas by Drew Hunt
Night Shift by Red Haircrow
Matching Tats by J.M. Snyder
V: The V in Vulnerable by J.M. Snyder
Angst, Anger, Love, Hope by Tracy R. Franklin
With This Ring by J.M. Snyder
Starfucker by Michael Willhoite
A Cold Night's Sleep by Vincent Diamond
The White Rajah by Tom Williams
Crushed by J.M. Snyder
Fire by Vincent Diamond

LETHE PRESS (http://www.lethepressbooks.com/)
The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, jests, and donkey tales of the beloved Persian folk hero by Ron S. Suresha
Dirty Poole: The Autobiography of a Gay Porn Pioneer by Wakefield Poole
Do you Remember Tulum?: Novella in the Form of a Love Letter by Alex Jeffers

LIQUID SILVER BOOKS (http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/)
Ghost Of Christmas Past by Xakara

LOOSE ID (http://www.loose-id.com/)
Take the Shot by Missy Welsh
Love Ahead: Expect Delays by Astrid Amara
Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford
Reindeer Games by Jet Mykles
Sam's Reviews by Jan Irving
Sagittarius Blues by Katrina Strauss
The Ice Prince by Jessica Freely
What Child is This? By Z.A. Maxfield

LOVEYOUDIVINE (http://www.loveyoudivine.com/)
New Year's Steve - Barry Lowe
The Hit - Cain Berlinger
Guys And Trolls - Barry Lowe
Descent - Alex Morgan
Shimmer - Sarah Masters
The Major and The Miners 5: Danny's Revenge - Barry Lowe

The Cruel Ever After (Jane Lawless Mysteries) by Ellen Hart

MLR PRESS (http://www.mlrbooks.com/)
Life in Fusion, Sequel to Sno Ho, by Ethan Day
Willing Flesh, #1 in the Inspector Raft Mystery Series, by J. S. Cook
Grit by William Maltese & Jardonn Smith
Over The Mountain of the Moon, a tale of a samurai consort, by Reiko Morgan
All That Jazz by Charlie Cochrane
Mahu by Neil Plakcy
His Leading Man by Kimberly Gardner
Sacrifice, #5 in the Tomcat Series, by Stevie Woods
Much Ado by Jet Mykles
Death by Misfortune by A.M. Riley
Exchange of Gifts by Stevie Woods
Dead of Night by Victor J. Banis
Zombielicious by Timothy McGivney
Blush by Kimberly Gardner

NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING (http://www.nobleromance.com/)
Passion under the Poplars By Dickey Roebuck and Austen Duane
Dangerous Love by Margie Church
Floggers' Holiday by HC Brown and Stormy Glenn

PHAZE BOOKS (http://www.phaze.com/)
Christmas Nick For Everyone by Jaxx Steele

RAVENOUS ROMANCE (http://www.ravenousromance.com/)
Well-Hung by the Chimney: An All-M/M Christmas Novella Collection by EM Lynley, Ryan Field, Chloe Stowe, and Lori Perkins
Rumpled Silk Sheets: Lesbian Fairy Tales by EM Lynley

REBEL SATORI PRESS / QUEER MOJO (http://www.rebelsatoripress.com/)
Distortion by Stephen Beachy
Pop-Up Book of Death by Chad Helder

RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING (http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/)
Cameron's Pride by Kim Dare

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING (http://www.samhainpublishing.com/)
Not Knowing Jack by K. A. Mitchell
Silver by Darcy Abriel
Trust Me If You Dare by LB Gregg
All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon

SHADOWFIRE PRESS (http://www.shadowfirepress.com/)
Through Neon Eyes 4: Promises 2 by Michael Barnette
Someone Else's Man by Kris Klein
Dragon & Fenyx 6.5: Darksky & Lakesinger's Journey by Auburnimp & Michael Barnette

SILVER PUBLISHING (http://silverpublishing.info/)
Breaking the Man by Madame Z
City of Lovely Brothers by Anel Viz
Lust & Fae by Joyee Flynn
The Sweet One by Andi Anderson
Slow & Sweet by Stephanie Beck
Rescue Me by Scarlet Blackwell
The Cat’s Meow by Stormy Glenn
Were Lost by Aeryn Traxx
Dying Assassin by Joyee Flynn
Jaguar’s Mate by S.A. Welsh
Love Immortal by Brita Addams
The House in Birdgate Alley by Anel Viz
The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott
Something for Santa by AKM Miles
The Oasis by AJ Llewellyn
Grand Jeté by Diana Copland

SIREN PUBLISHING (http://www.sirenpublishing.com/)
MASTERS OF HER HEART [Club Esoteria 4] by Cooper McKenzie
G'BAENA'S PIRATES [Sequel to Tee-ani's Pirates] by Rachel Clark
ALPHA BORN [True Blood Mate 2] by Stormy Glenn
BLUE HEAVEN by Jadette Paige
LET [Caveman Love 2] by Cherie Denis
A DILLON SANDWICH [The O'Hagan Way] by Joyee Flynn
DESTINIES IN DARKNESS, PART 1 [Kaldor Saga 3] by Scarlet Hyacinth
THE MOON, THE MADNESS, AND THE MAGIC [Enchanted Mountain 2] by Eliza March
VIVIENNE'S VACATION by Berengaria Brown

SMASHWORDS (http://www.smashwords.com/)
Katreshtr's Redemption, The Night Cat, Book One, by Red Haircrow

The Art Of George Quaintance by Reed Massengill and Dian Hanson

TORQUERE BOOKS (http://www.torquerebooks.com/)
Granite: A Rocky Start by G.H. Worth
No Man's Land by Zoe Nichols
Hell is in the Details by Angela Benedetti
Storm on the Mountain by PD Singer
The Dance of Love by Vic Winter
Virgil Unplugs by Amanda Steiger
Burn by Sean Michael
Three Wishes by Sean Michael
Ice by M. Raiya
The King's Diamond by Jenna Jones
An Angel for Christmas by Lily Grace
Apples & Gin: Hot Cocoa Ice Cream by Jenna Jones
Christmas Angel, a Hammer story by Sean Michael
Perfectly Presented by Berengaria Brown
The Match Before Christmas by Eden Winters
Unwrapped by BA Tortuga
Whatever it Costs by Taylor Lochland
Cardamom: A Taste of Home by Winnie Jerome
Toy Box: Pine Switches with stories by Mav Anthony, Lee Benoit, and Jay Lygon
Shooting Gallery by Kate Roman
Twists and Turns by Stevie Woods
Hourglass by Jane Davitt
In Their Own Skins 3: Uncaged by Kiernan Kelly
Walking to the Stars by Laney Cairo

TOTAL-E-BOUND (http://www.total-e-bound.com/)
Mistletoe and Submission by Kim Dare
Where to Find Harte by Jade Archer
Stolen Memories by Carol Lynne
Almost Home by Lisabet Sarai
A Special Christmas by J.P. Bowie
Chasing Alex by Em Woods
Knight's Fall by Mia Watts
Wishing Star by Jambrea Jo Jones

UNTREED READS PUBLISHING (http://www.untreedreads.com/)
THE KINGDOM OF FEAR by Robert De Graauw
DAKOTA by Brenda K. Marshall
HANUKKAH GELT by T. Lee Harris
MOUNT by Arlen Blumhageh
ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE by Douglas Henderson Jr.

Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk by Mike Weiss

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For Authors: If you would like to post an excerpt, please contact me.
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