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Into the Flames by Morgan Lee

Probably the most interesting thing for me of this short story is the new author and the new publisher, I have always a little trill when I can “test/taste” something new. And if the experience is good it’s even better: most of the time, when I approach a new publisher, there are little details that could have made the experience better, but that were overlooked, like editing, proof-reading, and so on. Moreover if it’s a short story, the little details are even better, because in more or less 20 pages, sincerely I think you can avoid simple mistake.

For all the above reason, I have to make my compliments to this new venture, since, even if the story was short, and the plot was nice but common, the experience was good since I think they paied attention to details. John and Gabe are fellow firemen, John is Gabe’s boss and he has already lost a lover to the fire. John is attracted to Gabe, but he is scared to have his heart broken again by a careless man, no more hot-headed firemen for him.

But Gabe is not easy to ignore, the desire burns more than the fire itself, and one night they are no more able to avoid the explosion.

I like that the author wasn’t unbalanced on the usual issues of being a fireman and a gay man, here the issues were more related to hazard your heart to someone else. John is a nice character and he is also the one more on center stage, but Gabe, with his smirk and f**k you attitude (and yes, pun very much intended) was a beautiful bad boy.


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Publisher: Demanding Romance (September 6, 2010)

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Tags: author: morgan lee, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: firefighters

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