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Cameron’s Pride (A Thrown to the Lions Story 4) by Kim Dare

Cameron’s Pride is a good shapeshifter romance who revisited on reverse the classical romance theme of the prince charming and the pretty man/cinderfella; Cameron, nom de plum Caramel, is a shapeshifter lion who earns his keep officially as a stripper and unofficially, but quite clearly, as an hustler. He hates what he is forced to do, but he has not pride to protect/help him, and no art other than selling his body. Franklin is one of the patron of the clubs Cameron works for and he would be more than willing to be one of the men buying Cameron, for a night or even more. But unexpectedly Cameron, instead of accepting the offer, runs away. Franklin is no man to be denied a new toy and so he decides to contact the local lions pride to “buy” Cameron from them; only that not only the pride doesn’t know where Cameron is, they are as much interested as Franklin to find the renegade lion, and once they will find him, they have no intention to sell him out to a human.

As soon as Cameron is found, the story take an unexpected turn: it’s not Franklin who will master Cameron, it’s Cameron who makes Franklin his pet; and Franklin is unable to resist him, both I think since he is arrived to love the werelion, and also since he wants to pay back Cameron for all the hurt he received from men like him. It’s odd to see Cameron in the role of the Master since he has still a lot of anger in him, and one of the things I learned reading BDSM stories, is that a Master has to be in full control of his emotions. That is the main issue they have to resolve: for Cameron to be the right Master for Franklin, he has to forgive himself, but also the men who did him wrong in the past, and going even further in his past, his former pride who let him down.

Cameron not only needs to possess Franklin to prove that no one can hurt him, he has also to find a replacement for his former pride and family, and in Arslan, the alpha of the pride, he will find the fatherly figure he needs to feel save. Since Arslan will cover that role, there is no needs for Franklin, that at the beginning was a willing candidate, both since he has money, than since he is slightly older than Cameron (even if 2 years are not so much); actually all Franklin’s attitude of being older and more important is given all by his money, and once you remove this factor, he is exactly at the same level as Cameron.

Very good and nice interaction between the characters, and interesting shifting of power and personality.


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Amazon Kindle: Cameron's Pride (Thrown to the Lions)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (December 17, 2010)

Series: Thrown to the Lions
1) Ryland's Sacrifice
2) Marrick's Promise
3) Ellery's Duty: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1227482.html
4) Cameron's Pride

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Tags: author: kim dare, genre: paranormal, length: novel, review, theme: cinderfella, theme: hustlers, theme: shapeshifters

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