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A Bid for Love by T.D. McKinney & Terry Wylis

The first time I read a book by this duo, McKinney and Wylis, I was surprised by the romance in it; actually it took me a bit to read that book because it was about two FBI agents falling in love under dangerous situations, and I was not sure that was an environment where the romance could grow strong but romantic. I was surprised that time, and so I was not this time. The setting is more or less the same, again two FBI agents, again two men who know each other in a office contest but that haven’t had the chance to build a personal relationship. But on the contrary of the previous book, the dangerous situation was totally removed, and only the romance remained.

Asher is a well-cultured and maybe a bit aloof FBI agent; he loves roses, opera and romance and for this reason he is the joke of his colleagues; it’s not a something he cannot manage, but it’s not even that he likes it. By the way, Asher has never once admitted he is gay, and he has a failed relationship on his past with a female colleague. So actually no one is sure and basically no one has ever asked.

But Asher has a secret admirer, Scott, another colleague. On the contrary of Asher, Scott is considered a womanizer; former rodeo cowboy, always gallant with the female population, no one will suspect that he is in love with Asher, above all Asher himself.

I think that Scott is not really sure he is a man that can compete with Asher; he is not willing to make an ordinary move with Asher because he wants to “impress” him. And so he goes the whole nine yards, bidding for Asher in a bachelor auction and taking him for a romantic weekend in Italy. Of course, no one, not even Asher is able to resist to such courtship.

If the reader is wondering how the authors manage the “I’m not gay, are you?” issue, it’s soon said: Scott and Asher are apparently both bisexual, and they happen to be in love with a man. As simple as it’s to resolve this issue, so simple will be the development of their romance: simple, good and nice. No big drama, not guiltiness, no denying the obvious: these are two men in love, so much in love that is impossible to hide. And of course, the main event of the story is the romance, a romance that is in the actions, in the feelings and in the setting.


Amazon Kindle: A Bid For Love
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (August 19, 2010)

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Tags: author: t.d. mckinney, author: terry wylis, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: military, theme: office affairs

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