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Taction by J. Rocci

Taction was an unexpected story for various reasons: first of all it was not as angst as it could have been, former soldier Evan has lost a leg and his badly scarred but the author doesn’t indulge in his physical issues, just that right amount of info to let you know that it’s not easy, but that Evan has still the strength to fight. Second it’s more romance than erotic, and my false expectation was probably due to the publisher and the past stories I read about gay cowboys. But nope, Evan and Cam, even living in the same house and sleeping in near bedrooms, don’t fall into each other arms as soon as the introduction is done, and considering this is a short story, that is really difficult to avoid. But the author decided to use different points to held the reader’s attention, and in the end this is more a “comfortable” story about a soldier that for once, coming back home, has a second chance, and to my opinion, is a better chance also.

Actually Evan is true enough with himself to admit that he would have left the Army even if his accident hadn’t forced him. Aside for doing spite to his former Marine father, the only reason why he joined the Army was since he wanted to do something good for his country, but probably he realized the war he was fighting was not on that line. Second Evan is gay, and he knew that even before; living in the Army is not a way to find a partner, and I had the feeling that Evan was not against the idea. True, this is not exactly a passionate love story, but in a way I preferred it like that, Evan and Cam has the chance to know each other and when they arrive to be intimate, it’s probably the foreplay for something long-lasting.


Amazon Kindle: Taction
Publisher: Torquere Press, Inc. (February 6, 2010)

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Tags: author: j. rocci, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: cowboys, theme: disability

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