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Spinning by Jaime Samms

In a post-apocalypse future there are humans who can live more than 300 years. Only that, for some of them, this is not a good thing, above all when they need the firm hand of a Dom, and no one is old or strong enough to be their Dom.

Kenny is one of those submissive in search of guidance; like a lost puppy, he would be glad to find it in the arms of any stranger but he knows there is one man that will for sure give it to him, Mikko. Mikko was Kenny former lover, but years ago he “left” Kenny for a greater cause, saving the world; apparently he didn’t manage to, and now Kenny is desperate enough to call him. And Mikko maybe is desperate enough (even if he doesn’t let it arrive to Kenny) to answer to that call.

This is not a complex story, and the sci-fi, post-apocalypse setting is barely hinted, more in the words of the characters than for a real background: basically Kenny chose to run away in a forgotten by Gods and not only place where, sincerely, what is happening in the “real” world doesn’t really matter. Sure, the airport are different, the store are stranger, but there Kenny can forget that he is not welcomed in the real world, and there he can lie to himself and believing that he can have an ordinary life with Mikko.

This story has nothing of sexual and everything of emotion; it’s a story with an high impact on the angst level, and it’s also a story of dependency, a dependency that is the only link that Kenny has with his life, I think that if he is not able to find a Dom, someone bounding him to the ground, he will do the final run towards oblivion. Mikko is well aware of that, and he grounds Kenny with very basic things, like that care of the chores, growing things so that Kenny feels responsible, and so on.

The title reminded me of an Italian song, “Fila la lana (Spins the wool)”, it says more or less: “Fila la lana, fila i tuoi sogni, illuditi ancora che lui ritorni, libro di dolci sogni d’amore, chiudi le pagine al suo dolore (Spins the wool, spins your dreams, still thinks he will return, book of sweet, love dreams, closes your pages to her pain)”. This is no different, Kenny is sending messages to the outer world hoping that one of his former lovers will come back to him, and even if Mikko is not the one who Kenny is now mourning, he will be the one to heal his heart.


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Publisher: Pink Petal Books (June 3, 2010)

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Tags: author: jaime samms, genre: futuristic, length: novella, review, theme: apocalypse now, theme: bondage submission

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