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Colin and Martin’s First Christmas by Drew Hunt

This short story is sweet and tender, very romantic and with very little sex, but only since it was not necessary, the amount of good feelings was enough to warm your heart, in perfect agreement with the seasonal romance theme.

Colin is a big and kind man who works as delivery man; a delivery man can know a lot of the people he delivers grocery to, and so Colin knows that Martin, the blind gentle guy will spend Christmas alone. Colin has thought a lot about Martin, who has always a gentle word for him; Colin’s interest is a romantic one, despite Martin is not exactly handsome, on the contrary he has his face scarred by a juvenile illness and he is a bit over weighted; but Colin has learned the hard way that appearance is nothing, his former lover Simon, a very handsome man, was also always ready to cheat on him, something that he is sure Martin would never do.

Sure, I think there is a bit of “comfortable” love here, Colin is probably thinking that Martin will never cheat on him because he has no chance to do that; this is the devil advocate in me speaking, since Colin never once, in all the story, will ever have a bad thought regarding Martin, and Martin is so fragile and hopeful that my heart was all for him. Martin has a lot of love in him he wants to share with someone, and he falls for Colin without even knowing how Colin is or if he is even gay: Martin falls for Colin’s kindness, for the need Martin has of a friend, and if this friend will become also a lover, that is a bonus, but really Martin would be glad enough even if their relationship was only one of friendship.


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Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 29, 2010)

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Tags: author: drew hunt, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: disability, theme: seasonal romance

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