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Love You Forever by Terry O’Reilly

I really liked this short story, and don’t worry romantic reader, it’s not as dramatic as it could seem.

Derrick and Cooper have a good relationship, the problem is that Derrick is living 250 miles far away from Cooper and they can meet more or less once a month. But they love each other and they committed to do everything is necessary to make the relationship work. Also for this reason Derrick wants to make as much time as possible with Cooper the past weekend and when he leaves on Sunday night it’s heavily snowing. On the way back home, Derrick has a car accident and he dies on the spot, only that Derrick’s spirit seems unable to leave Cooper as his body did. Derrick goes back to Cooper’s cabin and he starts a vigil on the mourning man while at the same time re-living all their past good memories.

It’s for sure a story with an high emotional impact but I liked that the author didn’t push too much on the drama: Cooper is mourning, and of course he is hurting, but his pain is “contained” and above all, even if in pain, he is able to make his own good choices, like when he refuses Derrick’s best friend’s attempts to “comfort” him. Derrick on the other hand has the chance to see their love story from the outside, to understand that, if he is in a relationship, he has to consider not only his own good, but also that of Cooper; if he has to take a decision, the decision will impact his future but also Cooper’s.

The sex scenes, that are hot, but in a way at the same level of “comfort” as all the story, meaning that they are not merely gym exercises, are almost all in the past: Derrick is thinking back to their moment together and the sex is a good share of that thinking. In the present it’s more him watching Cooper from afar, and even if something Cooper can “feel” Derrick, the story never falls into the easy trap of the paranormal story, as strange as it can sound, even if Derrick is indeed a ghost, this is not a paranormal romance and also the happy ending will be logic and “ordinary”.


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Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 29, 2010)

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