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Delicious (The Chronicles of Fae 1) by H.C. Brown

This novella follows a trend quite common in the recent M/M production: the naughty faeries and their love adventures. In this case a 100 years old fairy, Lor, (and for fairy I mean the original one with wings and allure) has fallen in love for a shapeshifter (or pride). The only problem is that the cat, Ryland, is not aware of his true nature and so Lor promotes himself as a teacher. On the other hand Ryland would prefer to play rather than learn and he is not at all satisfy when Lor denies him sex. Apparently the fairies have quite a freedom of love attitude, everyone is having sex with everyone, more or less, even if they are legally mated, often with both a male and a female at the same time. Indeed Lor is not against the idea Ryland to have sex with other cats or faeries, but he continues in his firm decision to not allow Ryland into him, and I mean exactly what you are thinking.

I do liked both Lor and Ryland and in a way I liked their tentative to remain faithful to their feelings in a world where sex is more or less a recreational activities. Lor claims he wants romance, I think Ryland is more interested in hot sex, but if he can have it giving to Lor the romance he wants, then he is in for the ride. That is probably the best part of the story. What I didn’t like so much were all the attempts of cats and fairies to get into Ryland’s pants and unfortunately some of them succeeded. Apparently this is not upsetting Lor, at least until it’s only a matter of sex and not love.

I got a bit lost, and I lost Lor, in the second part of the story, when Ryland’s education was taken as a task by Nox, the king of the fairies. I think that Nox, in the author’s mind, was to be a positive character but I read him like an obstacle between Ryland and Lor; without him to interfere, probably Ryland would have reached, and pretended, Lor as a lover well before, and we would have been more to read of them as a couple. In any case I think this was probably one of the goal of the author, to prove to the reader that sex is not love, and that you (Ryland) can have sex, and enjoy it, even if you are not in love, but when you finally obtain your true love it will be way more satisfying.


Amazon Kindle: Delicious
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC (July 29, 2010)

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Tags: author: h.c. brown, genre: fantasy, length: novel, review, theme: elves, theme: shapeshifters, theme: virgins

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