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Resistance by L.M. Turner

Resistance was a good romance for me because I was not expecting it. New author, not so word of mouth around, I almost picked it up by chance, but after only few pages I knew this was right the book I usually like. I had to stop reading it around chapter 3 not since it was not good but since it was late at night and I didn’t want to be too tired to enjoy the reading.

Hands up from the start: it’s sappy and stupidly romantic and I loved it right for that reason. The self-claimed man-eater Ryan is nothing else than a little child searching for reassurances; from an uncaring family and an even more uncaring foster system, Ryan self-convinced himself he doesn’t believe in love, but it’s clear that love is probably the stronger force in his life: Ryan is a perfect friend, for Frankie, for Olivia, for Ethan, and all of them want for him to find the right man. When Jayden enters in the picture all Ryan’s friends make common front to help him realize this is Mr Right and better for him to not let this one go. Not that Ryan needs so much persuasion: Ryan doesn’t do relationship and neither second date, but there he is, having sex twice days in a row with Jayden; Ryan doesn’t kiss but apparently he forgot to tell Jayden, since that is exactly what they are doing, again and again; Ryan doesn’t spend the night, but again, he forgot to tell Jayden who spent their first night together in Ryan’s bed, despite Ryan’s best attempts to kick him out.

Jayden adopts the right strategy with Ryan, he decides to not caring for the cold attitude Ryan displays to the world and he infiltrates under it; behind the shield, Ryan is really a tender and caring guy, who has no courage to hurt someone else feelings, and above all, he really likes Jayden and so he doesn’t want to make him go away. Of course Ryan has also his own issues to overcome, and of course he will do his great mistakes, but as I said, this romance is sappy romantic, and everything will be overcome with full joy of the heroes, their friends and also, and most of all, the reader.

By the way, the sex is good, even if this novel is full of romance, the sex remains basically… sex! Meaning that it has its right dose of naughtiness, but it’s also light and nice, sometime even funny.


Amazon Kindle: Resistance
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (August 31, 2010)

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
Tags: author: l.m. turner, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review

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