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Marilyn by D.B. Story

I was surprised by this story, even if indeed it was obvious already from the title: one of the female characters is a robot replica of Marilyn Monroe and as such she was programmed to have the past diva’s strengths and weakness. And I was, and still am, a big fan of Marilyn, and so I was really glad to read this story.

The author was very good in replicating who Marilyn was, the diva but also the troubled woman, into this futuristic Marilyn, but the female bot has something that Marilyn didn’t have, the chance to make big mistakes and be there afterward to correct them. On and off from male ownerships, Marilyn changes 3 owners, her 3 “husbands” as she calls them (exactly like the 3 husbands of the real Marilyn) and now she is yet again on sell in a resale facility.

Lynn enters the shop almost by chance, trying to avoid an abusive former boyfriend, and Marilyn recognizes in her the signs of a troubled and scared woman; she is kind with Lynn, and Lynn, maybe for the first time, feels safe with Marilyn. Lynn brings the female bot at home, but she doesn’t really know what to do with her, her decision is not taken with a sexual purpose, and it will be Marilyn that will teach to Lynn how to be her owner.

Again, like already in the past, I have to admit that I’m not an expert of lesbian romance, but I really liked Marilyn and I was impressed by not only the complexity of the characters, but also by the “technical” justification; I’m used to have some summarized reasons in the sci-fi novels, without no real base, because, after all, it’s fiction. But D.B. Story managed to give to this Marilyn’s bot, a somewhat realistic existence and also a concrete justification for her emotional development.


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Publisher: Excessica Publishing (September 3, 2010)

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Tags: author: d.b. story, genre: futuristic, length: novella, review

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