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Well, I suppose it's not illegal but still...


While browsing on Amazon for new books, I found some "interesting" titles under the new arrival for Gay&Lesbian fiction...

2 Men 1 Sleepover by Jess Lanyon
24-7 by Eva Anderson
All He Wants for Christmas by Eva Anderson
At the Gym by Drew Gary
Bad Ass by Eva Anderson
Begging for More by LA Gregg
Best Friends by Jess Lanyon
Between the Bars by Mary Sexton
Black Boys by Chase Cochrane
Caught in the Locker Room by Drew Gary
Close to Touch by Pam Brown
The Coach by LB Merrow
Craving Danger by Eva Anderson
Crossing Chris by Mary Sexton
Curious by LB Merrow
The Dark Side by Mary Sexton
The Dickens of Love by Chase Cochrane
Do ME A Favor by Mary Sexton
Explored by Tara Michaels
The First Time by Drew Gary
First Time by Eva Anderson
Frat Boys by Pam Brown
Fun Loving Boys by Tara Michaels
The Gay Knight by Drew Gary
Gettin' Dunked in the Pool by LA Gregg
He's Gay by Eva Anderson
Her Smile by Jess Lanyon
His Craving for a Man by Tara Michaels
His Touch by Eva Anderson
Home for the Holidays by Chase Cochrane
Hot Tub Slip by LA Gregg
How Good it Felt by LA Gregg
Hurst So Good by LB Merrow
I Suck! by Chase Cochrane
In & Out by LB Merrow
In the Closet by Jess Lanyon
Its Huge by Eva Anderson
Jimmy John by Drew Gary
The Letter A by Tara Michaels
Life by Mary Sexton
Locker Room Luck by Tara Michaels
Long John by LB Merrow
Looking Back by Chase Cochrane
Love Lessons by Eva Anderson
The Magic Touch by Jess Lanyon
Man Handled by Tara Michaels
The Man Who Fucked Me by Drew Gary
Man's Best Friend by Eva Anderson
A Man-s Best Friend by LB Merrow
Me & Him by Jess Lanyon
Me & My Coach by Chase Cochrane
My Brother's Smile by Pam Brown
My First Cock by Chase Cochrane
My First Taste by Mary Sexton
My First Time by Tara Michaels
My Lady by Tara Michaels
My New Neighbor by Jess Lanyon
Naked Necking by LA Gregg
A New Game by Chase Cochrane
One Amazing Night by Drew Gary
Out & In by LA Gregg
Out of The Closet by Mary Sexton
Outta The Closet by Tara Michaels
Plugged by Jess Lanyon
Pull the Plug By Mary Sexton
Push Ups by Eva Anderson
Released Tension by Jess Lanyon
Say My Name by Jess Lanyon
Service Boy by Chase Cochrane
Silent Night by Tara Michaels
Sleep Over Gone Wrong by Chase Cochrane
The Sleepover by Drew Gary
Smiling Eyes by Jess Lanyon
so Good by Pam Brown
Stickin' It by Pam Brown
Stolen Heart by Drew Gary
Stranger Than Fiction by Jess Lanyon
Strength Training by Drew Gary
Summer Love by Tara Michaels
Super Sexy by Pam Brown
Touched by LA Gregg
Trapped by Tara Michaels
Two is Company by LA Gregg
Un-Plugged by LA Gregg
What a Lovely Taste by Mary Sexton
Wild Call by Pam Brown
Work it Out by LB Merrow
Work Out by Drew Gary
The Work Out by LB Merrow
WTF by Tara Michaels
You Don't Know Jack by LA Gregg

aside from the fact that some of these titles are really horrible, is it really necessary for this new author (I suppose s/he is only one...) to use these fake pen-name to draw "distracted" buyer? I suppose this worked in the '70 when 1 author and 1 publisher released 5/6 books per week, all with different titles and pen-names, but now? oh, well, in a way the authors involved can consider this a sign of their success:

Jess Lanyon --> Josh Lanyon
Eva Anderson --> Evangeline Anderson
Drew Gary --> Andrew Grey
LA Gregg --> LB Gregg
Mary Sexton --> Marie Sexton
Chase Cochrane --> Charlie Cochrane
Pam Brown --> P.A. Brown
Tara Michaels --> Tere Michaels

... but who is supposed to be LB Merrow?


LB Merrow --> J.L. Merrow (thanks Charlie and Jamie)

ETA 2: as I told to a commenter, there is also another point to highlight, I recognize some of the pictures they used in the covers, one I'm sure is from Rick Day, that is a very famous male model photographer, and I strongly doubt they paied to use it, and I strongly doubt Rick Day allowed them to use it.

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