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Event: GayRomLit Retreat Get Steamy in the Big Easy

So I did it ;-) I registered for the GayRomLit (as a reader): http://gayromlit.com/readerregistration.php

and more or less I checked all the events too! http://gayromlit.com/events.php

Just to give you an idea, here are the "titles" of events:

- The MLR Press Opening Gala
- The Thursday Nite Gentlemen's Juke-Joint Junket: Get your kink & drink on! (Organized by Damon Suede, Sponsored by Damon Suede, William Neale, Rick R. Reed, Ethan Stone, JP Bowie, Geoffrey Knight, DC Juris, Bryl Tyne, Anel Viz, Barry Brennessel & Ethan Day)
- Friday's Beignets & Café au lait Event (Sponsored by Lynn Lorenz, Belinda McBride, ZA Maxfield, Amanda Young, Rick R. Reed, and JP Bowie)
- Spotlight #1 – The St. Louis Cemetery Walking Tour (with Amber Kell, Geoffrey Knight, Z.A. Maxfield, Damon Suede, Belinda McBride, Marie Sexton, EM Lynley, Stormy Glenn, Devon Rhodes, Jaime Samms, PD Singer)

- Spotlight #2 - Author Readings at the Bourbon OH! Bar (with Ethan Day, Anel Viz, P.A. Brown, Bobby Michaels, Belinda McBride, Cat Grant, Eden Winters, Damon Suede, Lynn Lorenz, Z.A. Maxfield, VJ Summers, Barry Brennessel, Geoffrey Knight, KC Burn, Lydia Nyx)
- Spotlight #3 - Author Social's in St. Ann's Cottage (with Amanda Young, Jonathan Treadway, Z.A. Maxfield, Eden Winters, Belinda McBride, T.A. Chase, M.L. Rhodes, PD Singer, Trina Lane, Heidi Cullinan, L.C. Chase, Kiernan Kelly, Lynn Lorenz, Marie Sexton, William Neale, Laura Baumbach)

- Spotlight #4 - French Quarter Vampire & Ghost Walking Tours (with Amber Kell, J. P. Bowie, Marguerite Labbe, VJ Summers, Amanda Young, William Cooper, Trista Ann Michaels, Kiernan Kelly, Belinda McBride, Jambrea Jo Jones, Isabelle Rowan, Lydia Nyx, Simone Anderson, T.A. Chase, M.L. Rhodes, Barry Brennessel, Trina Lane, Angelia Sparrow, Stephani Hecht, Joyee Flynn, Geoffrey Knight, Rowan Speedwell, Jourdan Lane, Stormy Glenn, Jonathan Treadway, Z.A. Maxfield, T D McKinney)

- Spotlight #5 – Publisher Spotlights in St. Mary's Room
- Riverboat Book Signing Social (with Carol Lynne, Amber Green, Trista Ann Michaels, VJ Summers, Ethan Day, William Cooper, EM Lynley, Kiernan Kelly, Amber Kell, Cat Grant, M.L. Rhodes, Kate Steele, Amanda Young, Jambrea Jo Jones, L.C. Chase, Lydia Nyx, Belinda McBride, Treva Harte, William Neale, Andi Deacon, Simone Anderson, T.A. Chase, P.A. Brown, Kate McMurray, Trina Lane, Angelia Sparrow, Stephani Hecht, Damon Suede, Lynn Lorenz, Heidi Cullinan, Jourdan Lane, Barry Brennessel, Devon Rhodes, Marie Sexton, Ethan Stone, Joyee Flynn, Geoffrey Knight, Jaime Samms, T D McKinney, Stormy Glenn, T.C. Blue, Rowan Speedwell, Terry Wylis, Patric Michael, Anel Viz, Z.A. Maxfield, Brita Addams, Jonathan Treadway, Marguerite Labbe, Bryl R. Tyne, Missy Welsh, KC Burn, Barbara Sheridan)

- Total-e-bound Pretzel Party with Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase
- Saturday's Beignets & Café au lait Event (Sponsored by Loose Id, LLC & hosted by Treva Harte)
- The MLR Press Hurricane Party
- The MLR Press Wine & Cheese Party
- Joyee Flynn's Gay Bar Crawl 2011
- Sunday Morning's Goodbye Brunch
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