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Handcuffs and Headlocks (A Handcuffs and Lace Story) by Kim Dare

Maintaining the light BDSM tone of all the series, and maybe exaggerating a bit in having gay cops all in the same family and working for the same department (but that is also the nice side of this novellas series, you start to have a lot of familiar faces around), Kim Dare adds a little bit of introspective plot with the story of Ed Rawlings, who is so good in doing his undercover job that he is losing his same self in that.

The other original touch is to pair big and burly Ed with a little but tough Afro-American martial art instructor, Derby. In your ordinary romance the big and taller man is of course the dominant, and the little and pretty one is the submissive. Aside from the simple fact that is not at all a mandatory combination, Derby is by the way more skilled and dangerous than Ed, in above all he is more balanced and at ease with his inner self.

In Ed’s mind, and to Ed’s body, it’s clear that he wants to be a submissive and that he needs the right dominant, but maybe due to Ed’s job, and his family, and everyone’s expectation, he cannot be that. Pretending in his private life like he does in his job, allows to Ed to pretend with himself as well: he doesn’t really need a dominant, it’s only a play, he is not really like that… and that is probably the bigger lie he is telling to himself.

At first Derby has nothing against the idea to play Dom and sub with Ed, at least not until he doesn’t start to feel something deeper for the mouthy cop. As soon as Derby understands what Ed really needs, then he is ready to prove to Ed that be true with himself can be more satisfying than any game they can play.


Amazon Kindle: Handcuffs and Headlocks (Rawlings Men)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (January 24, 2011)

Series: A Handcuffs & Lace Tale
1) She's Got Balls by Mia Watts: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/901006.html
2) Handcuffs & Leather by Kim Dare
3) Handcuffs & Glory Holes by Kim Dare: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1229667.html
4) Handcuffs & Headlocks by Kim Dare

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http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle
Tags: author: kim dare, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: cops, theme: multicultural

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