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2011 Rainbow Awards: Readers/Judges

This is a message to all my friends, and friends of them: I'm planning the 2011 Rainbow Awards and at today I have 54 judges with a reading capacity of 118 books. I already know they will be not enough, last year we received 220 submissions, so, more or less, I need double the judges. I know it's a lot to ask and I'm sure I will not find all these people, but I'm also sure that the actual judges will read a little more. At today what I will ask from the possible candidate is:

a) To be willing to read in 1 or more of the LGBT categories: Lesbian, Gay or/and Bisexual/Transgender
b) To be willing to read in 1 or more of the following genres: Coming of Age / Young Adult, Contemporary General Fiction, Contemporary Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery / Thriller, Non Fiction, Paranormal / Horror and/or Sci-Fic / Futuristic
c) To be willing to read at least 5 books in 7 months (from may (included) to november (included)).

If you are interested please contact me to my private email address, if you have it, or here on this livejournal leaving a comment to this post.

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