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Behind the Cover: Al Rossi

Al Rossi was a prolific book and magazine illustrator during the 1940s to 1960s. He was the original cover artist of Junkie, the novel William Burroughs published under the pen-name of William Lee. He was also one of the main cover artist for Beacon.

Cover artwork for Beacon and various other "sleeze" paperback publishers was supplied by The Balcourt Art Service in New York City. Balcourt employed a number of top-notch artists to provide the visuals they needed. After the artwork was used by a publisher, the original was usually returned to Balcourt and put into inventory. Some of these already published covers would later be altered (by the original artist) and used on another Beacon paperback title.

Beacon paperback covers are quite popular and somewhat famous today among collectors. This is because of their overly sexy cover images produced during the 1950s to the 1960s. Some of their early covers are actually painted by artists who came out of the pulps and went into the paperback field. Thats probably why many of Beacons earlier covers have a "pulpish" look to them. Some of Beacons cover artists went on to become well recognized and respected illustrators in the field.

Cover Art for Loves of a Girl Wrestler

Source: http://www.icollectcomicart.com/appraise/Default.aspx?ItemID=313145&FromPanel=BrowsePanel&CurrentPage=219&PanelName=ItemDetails
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