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Man Candy Day: Jonathan D. Lovitz

Yes, Jonathan D. Lovitz is for sure a fine specimen, but apparently there is a brain other than good looks and above all a civil awareness.

Jonathan D. Lovitz made quite a big gay sensation of himself in New York, when, called for Jury Duty, he responded to the question “Is there any reason you can think of why you would be unfit to serve on this jury?” with:
Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class one in the eyes of this justice system.
Well said, and well done, even if he probably only wanted to be out of the jury duty ;-)

Here a little profile of Jonathan: "What started off as being the youngest kid in the family dying for attention had turned into an incredibly exciting life in theatre, film, and tv.

After years wanting to be an engineer, astronaut, and diplomat I landed on the next logical career choice: actor and entertainer!

I’ve been so blessed (and so jetlagged) to have traveled to all 50 states as well as amazing destinations in North America and Europe performing in things as varied as big Broadway musicals to insane 24-hour commercial shoots. I feel like the luckiest man on Earth, and I hope it’s just the beginning..."

You'll also see him in television in about a month or so on his upcoming Logo reality series, "Set-Up Squad."

Read more: http://www.justinplusone.com/2011/03/get-out-of-jury-duty-and-score-points.html#ixzz1FrfL0LYP

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