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Not My Wolf by Eden Cole

This is only a novella but I think the author is planning a whole series based on this shapeshifters pack living in Colorado. This is not a big world setting, but more a small town type of feeling; even the pack itself is small, and more like a enlarged family than a big community. Corey, the Alpha, is more like a father or the boss of a small firm; not all the people he manages are happy with this choice, Corey is not exactly a domineering man; he is good and balanced, but I didn’t feel in him the core of a leader; his best characteristic is probably exactly this one, that he is able to take the right decision for the good of his pack, since he is not an hot blooded man.

Devin is more or less at the opposite; he has the body and the strength of a leader, of an Alpha, but he is not enough balanced. When he meets Corey, he recognizes in him his soul mate, and as such he never once questions the right of Corey to be a leader, but I think deep inside he doesn’t agree with that role casting. And in their private intercourse, far from outside eyes, Devin behaves like the top he wants to be.

This attitude of Devin is in everything he does, even in their sexual encounters: Corey is unsure of his own feelings, he has never been attracted before by men, but he knows deep inside that Devin is his mate; only that he would like to arrive to that conclusion alone, without being forced or pushed, and Devin has not enough patience to give him that time. Again in this relationship between them Corey proves that being a leader, the Alpha of a pack, is not only a question of strength: Devin is probably the stronger between them, but he would not be the right men to lead other people.

As I said this is a short novella, so you can consider it like an appetizer and the basis to be a nice M/M paranormal series are there.


Amazon Kindle: Not My Wolf
Publisher: Amira Press (February 17, 2011)

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Tags: author: eden cole, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: shapeshifters

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