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Behind the Cover: Arthur Sussman

Arthur Sussman was born in Brooklyn, NY and completed his BFA at Syracuse University. After graduation, he worked in NYC for more than 10 years as a designer and illustrator. At the same time, he studied painting at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Much of his personal work was inspired by stories from the Old Testament. Beginning in 1960 and continuing almost until his death, Arthur created numerous works of art based on Biblical teaching and stories.

Prior to moving with his family to Albuquerque in 1965, Sussman spent four years traveling in Spain, Israel and Mexico. In New Mexico, he taught at the University of Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico Community College. He will also be remembered for his art and film commentary for local radio and television stations.

His paintings and prints have been collected worldwide by individuals and museums. Significantly, the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe has several pieces in their permanent collection, as does the Albuquerque Museum of Fine Arts. Important biblical works are also in the permanent collection of the Oklahoma City Art Center and the Jewish Museum in New York City.

He is survived by his wife, Judith, his daughters Hannah and Rachel, and their families in Los Angeles and Albuquerque.


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