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Monthly Appointment with My Reading List

With the starting of the Rainbow Awards, my reading scheduling is getting a little slower, but I hope you all will understand ;-) Anyway here are the first 100 titles of my reading list, more or less the next month reading will be done picking books among these:

The Balance of Silence by S. Reesa Herberth & Michelle Moore
Let Them Try Harder by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine
Shift Happens by Storm Grant
Treasured by Cari Z
Inhabiting The Night by Carolina Valdez
A Dish Served Cold by Andrew Ashling
Baked by Sean Michael
In the Pale Moonlight by Sunny Moraine
Polyamory in the 21st Century: Love and Intimacy with Multiple Partners by Deborah Anapol
The Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne
A Man Of Principle by Victor J. Banis
Expect Delays by Astrid Amara
Say It Again by Jasmine Black
Meant For Each Other by D.H. Starr
In the Flesh by Ethan Stone
Homosapien by Julie Bozza
Not a Day Goes By: A Novel by E. Lynn Harris
Absolute Perfection by Stephanie Burke
Squire by Jet Mykles
Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick
Fire in the Desert by Lydia Nyx
Masked Destiny by Mark A. Roeder
Times Square Cutie by Mykola Dementiouk
The Popsicle Tree by Dorien Grey
The Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton
The Story of the Night by Colm Toibin
Match Maker by Alan Chin
Wishful Thinking by Martin Gould
The Dancer & the Sexy Big Man by Jeff Adams
The Price of Temptation by M. J. Pearson
Rachmaninoff by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet
Brethren: Raised By Wolves, Volume One by W.A. Hoffman
Tricks by Rick R. Reed
Calico by Dorien Grey
The Sweet One by Andi Anderson
Discreet Young Gentleman by M.J. Pearson
Bernard Diary of a 46-yr-old Bellhop by S.L. Danielson
Darkness Descending by Bethann Korsmit
The Perfect Family by Kathryn Shay
Waterman Omnibus 2010 by Dusk Peterson
My Dearest Holmes by Rohase Piercy
Cake: A Blood Nation Novel by Derekica Snake
Innocent Bird Volume 3: (Yaoi) (v. 3) by Kisaragi Hirotaka
Cethe by Becca Abbott (Best Gay Fantasy 2°)
Dreams & Desires: Volume 2: A Collection of Romance Tales
Fluffers, Inc. By Hank Edwards
Treasure: Raised By Wolves, Volume Three by W.A. Hoffman
First Christmas by Diana DeRicci
Deviations: Discipline by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne
Games Men Play by G.A. Hauser
Blood Slave by Michelle Houston
The Immortals by Victor J. Banis
The Dream Ender by Dorien Grey
Pricks and Pragmatism by JL Merrow
Turning Idolater by Edward C. Patterson
Caught by Surprise by L.D. Madison
Vampire's Toy by Auburnimp
Maxxed Out by Treva Harte
Among the Living (PsyCop 1) by Jordan Castillo Price
Prove A Villain by K.C. Warwick
Soul Mates: Secrets by Jourdan Lane
Someplace in this World edited by Lee Benoit
Carpathian Intrigue by John Simpson
Avoiding Hell's Gate by Joyee Flynn
Still Dancing by Jameson Currier
A Different Breed by Angel Martinez
A Song in the Park by Martin Brant
I Want To Bite (Yaoi Novel) by Isaya Takamori & Chigusa Kawai
Midwinter's Night by Michael Barnette
Get What You Need by Janey Chapel
ANIMA (Yaoi) by Dany Dany
Trust Me by Jeff Erno
A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R. W. Day
Jaynell’s Wolf by Amber Kell
Soft Focus by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine
Morningstar by S.L. Armstrong
Bedside Manner by Sean Michael, Lee Benoit & Jane Davitt
Corruption by Jack Greene
Feathers by Vincent Diamond
Love Immortal by Brita Adams
Def Con One by John Simpson
Shades Of Dreams by T.A. Chase
When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling by Thirteen and Tom Collins
Rain by L.A. Witt
Claimed by Darkness by Mia Watts
Dream a Little Dream by Amylea Lyn
Sutcliffe Cove by Ariel Tachna & Madeleine Urban
Out of the Ashes by R. W. Day
Purity, a novella by Douglas Clegg
The Elevator Mechanic by Serena Yates
Naval Maneuvers by John Simpson
Cold Winters by AKM Miles
My Lupine Lover by Stormy Glenn
Vigil by Z.A. Maxfield
Flight by Nicki Bennett
The Consort by Misty Malone
Thursday's Child (Children of Bacchus) by Andrew Grey
Blood Relations by J.P. Bowie
Security by Mike Shade
Not Seeing Is Believing by T.A. Chase
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