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Let Them Try Harder by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine

I remember the first story in this series, despite dealing with otherworldly creatures, a mix between demons and zombies, that story was mostly naughty and odd to say funny. Diego is a naïve demon, newborn to the modern time from the middle ages and so totally like a kid in a candy store, everything catching his eyes he has to have and Rick, the almost retired cop who found him in a cemetery is part of the package. Diego attaches himself to Rick like a loyal puppy to his master, but like a puppy he needs to be take care of, and the protective Rick is the right man; a fringe benefits of the job is that having sex with Diego, and exchanging blood, Rick is growing younger day by day.

On the run from fanatics who want to send Diego back in hell, the obvious places where Rick can bring Diego to experiment his new life are Las Vegas and Los Angeles, place were lights and glitters sometime cover the ugly reality. Moreover place where appearances do count, and Rick is slowly loosing his wisdom while Diego at the same time is losing his newfound innocence; even if in danger, and on the run, Rick and Diego are doing it in a grandeur way, enjoying the decadence of being forever young while enjoying each other young bodies.

I like that, even if more like a splatter movie than a romance novel, in any case there is a underline of romanticism in the story: Rick and Diego really loves each other, and their bond is not only a way to survive, they really believe to their words when claiming there will be no other for them; what started more like a Rick taking care of Diego, now is morphing in a same level relationship, something that is reflected also in their lovemaking.

Let Them Try Harder is a nice conclusion to the previous introduction story, if you read them together you will have the whole feeling of the story; and if the authors will decide to take these men up again, there is still space for something more, after all, there are still a lot of shining and decadent location in the US where two gay guys can spend time enjoying themselves.


Amazon Kindle: Let Them Try Harder
Publisher: M&V Tailz (November 2, 2010)

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