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Treasured by Cari Z.

The novella is a modern fantasy intake on the cinderfellas story, or better on the handsome rake/blushing virgin pair. Now don’t get me wrong, Daniel, the young man in this story, is not a virgin, but he is innocent and somewhat naïve; he is a good guy and easily fascinated by the beautiful stranger who enters the museum he is working for. Reese oozes sensuality, wealth and why not, even a little bit of danger that doesn’t hurt; Daniel is too much attracted by him to question Reese’s motives.

In this modern fantasy everyone has some psychic power, Daniel has a short futuresight, and Reese is a shapeshifter, even if he doesn’t want to confess to Daniel of what type. Daniel is also a poor grad student, working in a museum for a little wager and when handsome Reese vows him with dinner and incredible sex after that, plus bringing him to an exclusive party the day after, Daniel of course is so blinded by all of this that probably doesn’t notice Reese’s interest for Daniel’s works. Or maybe Daniel wants to believe that for once he has found someone who is so interested in him that wants to share the love for the same things.

I don’t think everything was premeditated for Reese, he is indeed a handsome rake and as such he knows when to take advantage of the chances presenting him, but he is kind and attentive with Daniel, and he is no selfish with compliments; plus sex is really good.

Both Reese than Daniel really care for each other and for that reason they will bend justice to their own reason; in the end Reese will remain the villain he is, but to Daniel’s eyes he is also the man of his dreams and as such, well, Daniel can forgive him some little “sin”.


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Publisher: Pink Petal Books (September 2, 2010)

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Tags: author: cari z., genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: cinderfella

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