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Paul Richmond: Show-and-Tell

As usual I'm more than happy to welcome Paul Richmond on the page of this livejournal, even more this year since he is now the "daddy" of our Rainbow Cheesecake Boy, the official pin up for the Rainbow Awards. Paul asked me to host his annual contest to pick up the best among his covers, and there are wonderful prizes if you partecipate, so come one, read the post and follow the instruction!

This is Paul Richmond, painter/illustrator/depantser-of-the-stars! It’s wonderful to be back here visiting with Elisa and all of you. It’s been too long! Welcome to my special Show-and-Tell post, and since I am quite the show-off, let’s get right to it...

First and foremost, I need to enlist your help in a very important decision. I am hosting another “Uncovered” contest, and you’re all invited! This is where I show you four recent novel cover illustrations and you vote on your favorite. The winning illustration will become the next limited-edition print offered exclusively in my online store, plus it will be on display in Dreamspinner’s booth at Gay Days in Orlando this June. And even better, just by voting, you become eligible to win the first print in the series along with a slew of other fabulous prizes. That’s right — this year I’m ramping up the rewards! This contest is so fabulous it will knock your pants off!

Here are the four contenders:




Elisa and I are going to announce the winner right here on her blog on Thursday April 28, so what are you waiting for? Go cast your vote now: http://www.paulrichmonduncovered.blogspot.com. On the entry form, you’ll see that you also have the opportunity to submit a question for moi. Ask anything you like. I’m an open book! I’ll answer my favorite questions in the post on the 28th, and if yours is included, then you’re eligible for even more fabulosity. Good luck!!

One question you won’t have to ask is “What have you been up to lately?” because I’m going to answer that one right now. I have been a busy bee these last few months, and I’m excited to fill you in on all the scoop.

This winter, I put dessert first by kicking off the frosty season with a heaping helping of cheesecake -- Cheesecake Boys, that is. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my apparel-challenged pin-up boys, let me give you a “brief” introduction. Cheesecake Boys are based on classic pin-up girls from the 40’s and 50’s, only with one major difference — they’re men!

Say Cheese…Cake, Starring Mike Ruiz

We had a super-fun art event in Columbus last November showcasing my Cheesecake series (which includes many gaylebrities in compromising states of undress — people like Perez Hilton, Jesse Archer, and Jack Mackenroth) and celebrating my new “Cheesecake Boys” book. We also had some live Cheesecake Boy models showing off their skivvies while serving miniature cheesecakes to happy guests. It was a blast! Here’s a pic of me with the boys (apparently I was a bit overdressed for the occasion!), and you can see more on my blog here: http://paulrichmondstudio.blogspot.com/2010/12/extravaganza-pics.html

Photo by Tommy Fiesel, NEW AGE FOTO

And if you’d like to bring some Cheesecake Boys home with you, order a copy of my new book here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1693486  

Cheesecake Boys, The Pin-Up Art of Paul Richmond

You may recognize one of the Cheesecake Boys on display at the event — our esteemed Rainbow Pride Cheesecake who is proud to be the face (and body) of Elisa’s uber-fabulous Rainbow Awards. He can barely contain his enthusiasm! And check out his cute Elisa Rolle tat — you know you want one!


Speaking of boys without pants, I was honored to have my new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” inspired painting “I Won’t Tell if You Won’t” featured in the NY exhibit “Hotter Than July: A Sexploration.” The controversial painting, featuring two semi-nude military men and diva-angels Lady Gaga and Kathy Griffin, garnered its fair share of attention thanks in part to a tweet from Ms. Griffin herself. See the uncensored version here: http://paulrichmond.bigcartel.com/product/i-won-t-tell-if-you-won-t-print

I Won't Tell If You Won't

I’ve also been busy fighting crime this year – not in tights and a cape (although I wouldn’t be opposed to a costume that lets you wear underwear on the outside). My arch-nemesis turned out to be a man named Cai Jiang Xun, a knock-off artist from China selling bootleg copies of my work on eBay. Hear about the entire saga, including the ultimate prank that left him with a drafty derriere, in this feature on Boing Boing: http://www.boingboing.net/2011/02/25/artist-vs-ebay-bootl.html

Now, boys and girls, it’s time for a little less “Tell” and a lot more “Show.” As always, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the fabulous world of gay fiction, and I’m so grateful to the wonderful authors who entrust me with their babies and keep me very busy. My process includes taking reference photos (either of friends or myself), sketching, rendering the illustration in black and white colored pencil, and adding color in Photoshop. Here’s a little window into my world showing the development of one recent cover illustration for “Detour” by Talia Carmichael (note the stellar acting skills by yours truly in the reference photo).




And here are some other recent cover illustrations, starting off with one that I really got a kick out of, “Gay Knights and Horny Heroes” by Michael Gouda. And no, I won’t be sharing the reference photo for that one!

Gay Knights and Horny Heroes - This one is available as a limited-edition print: http://paulrichmond.bigcartel.com/product/saving-his-ass-print

A Young Man in Paris

Two Sides of the Same Coin


Desert Crossing - Also available as a print: http://paulrichmond.bigcartel.com/product/desert-crossing

Long, Lonely Howl

Home Again

I Reach Through Time

A Hundred Little Lies

Rocking the Boat

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Bless Us with Content

While we’re talking about books, I also want to brag about being included in a wonderful new anthology called “100 Artists of the Male Figure” alongside some of my biggest artistic inspirations. I am completely honored to be in such stellar company, and I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates figurative art (or a little man booty): http://www.amazon.com/100-Artists-Male-Figure-Contemporary/dp/0764336932/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1299781516&sr=1-1

And that brings us to the end of our little visit for today. As Carol Burnett would say, I’m so glad we’ve had this time together! Don’t forget to go vote on your favorite cover in my “Uncovered” contest, and I hope to see you back here on the 28th when we announce the winners! Of course, if you need a Pauly fix in the meantime, here are a few links to tide you over:

My website: http://www.paulrichmondstudio.com  
My blog: http://www.paulrichmondstudio.blogspot.com  
My store: http://www.paulrichmondstore.com  

See you soon!

Paul Richmond

“A Hundred Little Lies” courtesy of Cheyenne Publishing: http://cheyennepublishing.com/

“100 Artists of the Male Figure” courtesy of Schiffer Books: http://www.schifferbooks.com/newschiffer/

All other novels courtesy of Dreamspinner Press: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/
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