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Meant For Each Other by D.H. Starr

Even if, rightly, this is the story of 2 men, Craig and Jeremy, and their first love never to be forgotten, I happened to like very much also Andrew and I will soon explain why.

Craig and Jeremy grew up together and from the age of 5 to the age of 15 they were everything for each other, brother, confident, best friend… everything other than lover. At that age the concept of boyfriend or lover was still something far from their mind, like pretty much the question Jeremy asks to Craig, what you would like to be in the future… but fate wants to put an obstacle to this star-crossed lovers, and 15 years old Jeremy has to move with his family when they go to the other end of the country. A good-bye kiss that in any other situation would have been the beginning of something important, marks these boys who will compare every single following boyfriend to the boy left behind.

15 years later, Craig and Jeremy meet by chance again, but both of them are in a committed relationship, Craig with Robert and Jeremy with Andrew. Where sincerely, I didn’t like at all Robert and so I was all for Craig to dump him, I had my issue with Andrew since he seemed really a good guy, and I think that, if the fate didn’t want for Craig and Jeremy to meet again, he would have been a perfect partner for Jeremy. In a way, nor Craig or Andrew were my favourite, both of them had something good for Jeremy to choose one or the other, but if I have to be really really sincere, I liked Andrew better; true, he did something that I usually don’t like in a relationship, he cheated on Jeremy, but Jeremy was doing the same, and then Andrew was strong enough to admit his mistake to Jeremy, whereas I don’t think Jeremy would have done the same if Andrew didn’t.

But the concept of first love is always strong, and in a way, first love is always perfect even if in reality it’s not; and then Craig and Jeremy grew up together, they have the same expectation from life, and they are, let me be hard, both average: they are on the same level, there is no dominant figure between them and so they don’t step on each other feet. True, Andrew could have been good for Jeremy, but their would have been a completely different relationship, more like husband and househusband, instead Craig and Jeremy are balanced partner. Both relationships work, but probably Jeremy would have had a simplier life with Andrew, since Andrew would have dealt with all that was practical, leaving to Jeremy the freedom to be a dreamer. For a different man maybe this is a dream comes true, for Jeremy it was like a cage. So yes, Andrew is a good man, but he is probably not the right man for Jeremy, he is right for someone else I hope he will find.


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Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Ai Press (February 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1456346008
ISBN-13: 978-1456346003

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