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Masked Submission by Claire Thompson

Dylan is a 29 years old literature professor with a light passion for BDSM. How BDSN can be define "light" it is difficult to understand, but so is for Dylan: he likes to be a sub for his dom, but he doesn't like to gives up total control and doesn't like very much to do scenes in public. So when he meets Tomas, the best masked dom of the city, he wants him only in private he doesn't want to share his passion. And Tomas accepts only since he is really Jack, the university advisor of Dylan: during the night he spanks Dylan without revealing his true identity and during the day he listens to Dylan who is deeply in love with a man he really doesn't know.

At first I didn't like very much neither Dylan or Jack. They seem to me too false, both of them, for different reason. But then Jack explains his reasons to Dylan and Dylan accepts them with grace and they start a relationship of mutual trust. Even if I must say Jack is the most tender master I have read about and Dylan a slave who was put in front of very mild tests. I haven't found between the two the strong feeling of domination and submission I have read in other BDSM stories and in the end, both characters are rather vanilla.

So this could be a story for who want to read about BDSM stories but doesn't want to take a pass to far into it.


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Tags: author: claire thompson, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: college
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