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The Dancer & Sexy Big Man by Jeff Adams

Todd is a pretty ordinary guy, an electrician working for tv shows and enjoying every minute of it. He is a big fan of America’s Next Top Dancer and in particular of Nathaniel, one of the dancer; when he has the chance to sub for one of the electrician working for that show, he would have never guessed that was also the chance to meet Nate. Even if working for a real show, Nate is as much ordinary as Todd, and when the two guys meet, a sweet and romantic love story will start.

I liked the contraposition of their bodies, Todd strong and big, bear-like, and Nate small and lithe, a real dancer, with the pretty much similarity of their attitude; Todd and Nate like the simple things of life, they have common interests and it’s clear their love story will be a lasting one.

There are no obstacles to their love, and while Todd has no a public life like Nate, nevertheless they don’t clash together; both Todd and Nate are on the shy side, but Nate will kindly lead Todd a little out of his shell, just enough to allow them to start a good thing together.

The Dancer & Sexy Big Man is only a short story, but it didn’t feel like that; the story was well plotted and the characters were nice and good together. I wouldn’t mind to see more of them together, seeing how they will manage their life together, I have the feel that Todd would be a good supporter to Nate’s beginning career in the show business.


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Tags: author: jeff adams, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: show business

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