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Primal Passions by Stephani Hecht

Aside for the cover that, sorry, but it wouldn’t have attracted me to read the book, the first instalment in the Lost Shifter series is pretty good for a gay paranormal themed book.

True, Stephani Hecht mostly uses known themes, like the “mate” rule (you are my mate and I will only love/have sex with you), or the “pack” concept (you are part of my pack hence you are a good boy and we will fight together against the big bad men), but she did that in her own way so that, in the end, this first book didn’t seem a copy of many other similar stories.

Jacyn is a Lost Shifters, one of the many cubs who went missing years ago during a feud between the raven shifters and the feline ones. He doesn’t know about his origins, being raised like a foster kid and believing to not having any relatives at all. Logan is the black jaguar, a misfit among the shifters, but he has a debt of honour towards Jacyn’s brother, Mitchell, and for that reason he would do everything it needs to bring Jacyn back home.

True to Jacyn, even if at first the whole shapeshifter idea is too much and too strange, he adapts well to the news, and more or less shift his interest on another topic: his attraction for the handsome Logan and how he will manage to get him in bed. Logan doesn’t put off much resistance, even if he tries the lame excuse “I’m an outcast, you are too good for me”; it doesn’t do much against the insistence, and prettiness, of Jacyn, and when they are back into the pack, Michell is not happy at all that his little brother has the scent of another shifter all over himself.

Even if the romance is center stage, and the sex as well, Stephani Hecht was not tight with the adventurous scenes; moreover they are also quite “bloody”, and even if she doesn’t indulge in the nasty side, not all the people involved will come out unscathed. But in the end she focused on the love story between Jacyn and Logan, and she balanced well the light part dosing it with a bit of drama, just the right dose to not make all the story too sugary.


Amazon Kindle: Primal Passions
Publisher: eXtasy Books (July 1, 2010)

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Tags: author: stephani hecht, genre: paranormal, length: novel, review, theme: shapeshifters

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