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Submission Times Two by Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson is probably among the few writers that can convince me to read a BDSM novel, probably since she always doses it with romance; and, strange enough, even if they are almost always centered around the BDSM world, she is able to reinvent the story and make it fresh and new.

Like in this case, about the Dom Andrew who fulfils his teenager dream to “possess” the jock Ethan; Ethan who was deeply in the closet when they were in high school, is now a submissive who only plays during public scenes, since he has another submissive lover waiting at home. Ethan and Cam have an agreement, since they love each other, but they cannot completely fulfil each other needs, during the weekend they are “free” to go and have their fill, but in separate clubs and without having sex with the Dom of the time.

That is not what Andrew wants, and at the beginning he is all for prove to Ethan that he is not really in love with Cam; but little by little Andrew realizes that yes, he needs Ethan since in this way he will realize his dream, but also Cam can be a good addition to that dream. Actually, from my side, I plenty preferred Cam over Ethan, I found Ethan to be a little spoiled and a little young; that is odd, since he was same age with Andrew and even some years older than Cam, but of the three he seemed the less accomplished. Andrew comes out a little better as a character, but not so much; his evolution from geeky nerd to handsome Dom is hinted but not fully explained. Who really comes out in a perfect way is Cam, so no wonder that I was cheering for him all along.

I think that, of the three, who was really sincere from the beginning to the end was Cam; Ethan claims to be in love with Cam, that he doesn’t want Andrew if he cannot have him with Cam along, but sincerely I think that if he was faced with a choice, Cam would not the one. Andrew grew into Cam with the evolution of their relationship, but at the beginning Cam was only a “good” burden to achieve his purpose, Ethan. Cam instead was always open with his needs and desires: he doesn’t jump into the chance to have a threesome with Andrew, even if he is attracted by the man, until he is not sure that this will not jeopardize his relationship with Ethan, and even when he agrees to give it a try, he is always not only the one more cautious, but also who is able to read Andrew’s needs, better than Ethan for sure, and maybe even of the same Andrew.

Another point that I liked is that this is really a BDSM novel and the BDSM is not mixed with sex or love; actually the three of them doesn’t have sex together until their relationship is not defined and steady, and this will happen well after they started to have a scene all together.

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Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (July 14, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 143924622X
ISBN-13: 978-1439246221

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