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Man Candy Day: Bassili Hendy

Bassili Hendy, 30 years old, is the latest addition/addiction to Dylan Rosser's website, The Male Form. And he is another full frontal exclusive.

Basil is based in Toronto and Dylan Rosser was in Los Angeles when they did this photoshoot. It was February and the thought of going somewhere so cold to shoot was not appealing to Dylan, BUT it turned out Basil was heading to Miami for a vacation so they decided to meet up there instead.

Bassili is a very sweet, laid back guy and it was his first time doing a full frontal shoot. He seemed to find the experience quite liberating and they got some cool shots. Afterwards they went for a walk on the beach and then some lunch. Pity all shoots don't end that way. (Dylan's own words ;-) )
Tags: man candy

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