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Taking Chances by Parker Grey

If I remember well, when Dark Roast Press was launched it focused on the dark edge of romance, and I had the wrong idea that they stuck to that; so when I picked Taking Chances, one of their last releases, I was really expecting to read a “dark” romance, maybe about some psychic tarot cards reader who corrupts an innocent baker… Well Taking Chances is not exactly about that, even if there is a tarot cards reader, Elijah (but he is not a psychic) and there is a baker, Gabriel (but he is not so innocent after all).

Gabe is a successful gay guy; he is 27 years old, already owner of his business and he is quite handsome: I liked that he was overtly beautiful, but more on the upper side of average, built but not fat, with a small pot belly starting, Gabe gave me the idea of a self-assured guy, able to give comfort but also passion to the right guy. Of the two who was really in need of a mainstay is Elijah: recently moved to Maine from a southern state, Elijah has still big issue of self-esteem to solve and he really doesn’t seem able to care for his own. He is scared by Gabe, I think he used the excuse of a tarot card reading he received to explain why he tried to push Gabe away at the beginning, but I think the real reason was that he wasn’t ready to face a relationship with someone who seemed so accomplished, someone who had already understood the fact of life. Truth, Gabe is not trying to push Elijah, or to make him a different guy, but that is beyond the point, Elijah needs to learn trust and love by himself.

This is basically a modern romance; the gay issue is there, in the past of one of the character, but after all our heroes are pretty free to enjoy their love; not only they have good friends by their side (Nate for Gabe and Annabel for Elijah, two characters I would have seen well together), but also Gabe’s family is supporting, so supporting that I actually had to check that Maine is not one of those states allowing same-sex marriage, since I was really seeing Gabe’s mother bent upon the idea to organize her own son’s marriage.

I also liked the setting, a small town with a lively centre where both Gabe than Elijah’s small businesses had a change to grow; not always these realities have the same chances in the big cities, and in a way, everything seemed more simple, any obstacle easier to overcome, and even the short distances seemed to help their love, allowing them to walk to each other business and home and to enjoy the life to a slower pace. The same slow pace they decide to adopt for their relationship, yet another point I liked: well into their story, the two of them had still to consummate their love, and that allowed a more deeper connection; something that maybe also intensified the fights, since for two like them who had a lot of time to talk, having still secrets to each other was even more hurting.


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