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Starfucker by Michael Willhoite

Without doubt this short story is well written and fascinating, but it’s a dark fascination; in a near future, you can buy clones of your favourite “dead” actors as sex toy. Brad, a gay widower, decides the best way to heal from the broken heart due to his partner’s death is to satisfy his teenager crush for James Dean, and so that is his gift to himself. The clone is perfect, everything Brad was hoping and then more, but of course people around him are jealous of his new toy, and they will do everything to break his bubble.

There is really nothing in the few pages of this story that could lead the reader to imagine the ending, but in a way, I was not surprised about it. Maybe it’s the writing style, sexy but dry, for sure not sweet; or maybe it’s a “silent” tone, it was like while I was reading, a sad tune was playing in the background. In a way or the other, if you are a tender heart, be careful of this author, it’s for sure not for the ordinary romance reader. But if you want your story with a bite, even if a bittersweet bit, than Michael Willhoite is one author to consider.


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Amazon Kindle: Starfucker
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 17, 2010)

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Tags: author: michael willhoite, genre: futuristic, length: short story, review

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