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Man Candy Day: Ray and Ali

Again I missed 1 week in posting the "gifts" Dylan is sending me, and so today you will enjoy two treats, latest addition to the TheMaleForm.net, Ray and Ali.

Dylan did the shot with Ray in Miami a few months back.

Ray is 33, Puerto Rican originally from the Bronx, NY.

He has worked with many photographers all over the US and is currently taking acting classes at the Barbizon professional acting school.

Ali instead is actually a friend of Dylan from London and Dylan has a rule against shooting guys that he knows, but Ali managed to persuade him (wondering how...).

Dylan told he is not comfortable to shoot nudes with his friends (it is far easier to tell a model he have never met before to get naked): "It is just part of the job, but when it is someone you know, it can be awkward for both model and photographer". Having said that, they managed to laugh through it and come up with some great shots, and in a cool location as well.
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