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Blood Slave by Michelle Houston

I was used to the shapeshifter short stories by Michelle Houston and so I neglected this novella collecting together two vampire romances. The two stories are tightly connected and are about an interesting theory (not new heard truth be told): vampirism is a virus and the virus was genetically mutated to spread also another “damage”, blindness. Basically human are not turned as soon as they are bitten, but slowly and steadily, and while they become a vampire, they also loose their sight. But in modern society, vampires are a protected breed and they have some rights, like the one to “posses” an human to be their eyes, more or less like a blind human possesses a dog.

Where The Blind Leads: Brandon was never satisfied with being only a slave for a human Master; human have restraints and Brandon doesn’t need or want them. He volunteers to be the eyes of a vampire, a job that implies losing all his rights and being totally owned by the chosen vampire. I liked the contrast between the Master/slave relationship that was “corrected” by the blindness of the Master: in a way, the Master depends by the slave, and their bond is even more strong, since the Master can see only through his slave.

Leading The Blind: this is the story of a previous slave that went blind after years of servicing his Master. Nicholas has the right to be a vampire Master now and to have his own slave, but like Brandon, Nicholas didn’t choose to be a slave as a “convenient” job, he was born to be one, he craved to be one. And now he lost what he most desired, the feeling of being owned, the feeling of being at the same time protected but necessary.

Brandon and Nicholas are both submissive by nature, and they can be happy only with a true Dominant, and for the dominance is love, they don’t want to be a slave since they have not the strength to be independent, they want to be a slave since they feel complete only in such relationship.


Amazon Kindle: Blood Slave
Publisher: Phaze Books (July 1, 2010)

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Tags: author: michelle houston, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: disability, theme: vampires

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