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GayRomLit Retreat: Get Steamy in the Big Easy

Now it's really official: I have the flight tickets, I have the hotel reservation and I have also the travelling companion ;-) Oh, and I have also the days off from work! And I decided to make it my yearly leasure trip and so this is the program:

From September 30 to October 5 I will be in New York City; I booked an hotel in Brooklyn, more or less I would like to visit Long Island and the Hamptons (since I have never seen them), plus to pick a show in Broadway.

From October 5 to October 7 we will stay in Baton Rouge and travel around the Cajun Country, then we will lead up to Natchez and the Natchez Trail, then down to Mobile to end in New Orleans from October 13 to October 16 for the retreat.

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