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You Should Meet My Son! (2010) directed by Keith Hartman

A fish-out-of-water comedy about a conservative Southern mom who discovers that her only son is gay. Determined that he won't go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband.

Director: Keith Hartman

Writer: Keith Hartman

Release Date: 2010

Genres: Comedy, Family

Storyline: Mae (Joanne McGee) is a very traditional southern mother who dearly loves his only son, Brian (Stewart Carrico). Mae and her sister Rose (Carol Goans) invite a new girl every Friday night in the hope that Brian could like her, but instead he always brings on with him his best friend and roommate Dennis. Finally one day, with the help of a magazine quiz entitled "How to find if your boyfriend is gay?", the sisters understand how the things real stand. Mae and Rose, after the initial shock, change their plans and go hunting for a man, the perfect husband for Brian. A nice delivery flower guy tell them the Internet is the place for these things, and so ask they ask to the teenager next door to finally set up the computer that Brian gave them 4 years ago. The boy, who comes out is gay as well, directs the ladies to Manhunt, where they are brutally introduced into the hottest gay sex market of 21st century. But they are not discouraged, and in the end decide to go to a gay club downtown...

“Trust me: I have never seen another movie in this budget range that is nearly this good.” --AfterElton.com

Awards: "Best Domestic Feature" OutFlix Memphis
"Best Feature" North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Fest
"Best Feature" ReelOut Film Festival, Canada
"Best Screenplay" Festival Del Sol, Spain

@Amazon: You Should Meet My Son!
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Cast (in credits order)
Joanne McGee ... Mae
Carol Goans ... Rose
Stewart Carrico ... Brian
Ginger Pullman ... Jennie Sue
Steve Snyder ... Chase
Acquah Dansoh ... Fantasia
Matt Palazzolo ... Salsa Rojah
Chris Nolan ... Greg
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Richard Carmona ... Bar Patron
Nick Dunlop ... Guy Picking up Sailor
Raymond Franke ... Bar Patron
Tim Garrett ... Jim
Hannah Gutierrez ... Tina's Daughter
Laura Gutierrez ... Tina
Wyatt Gutierrez ... Tina's Son
Michelle Renee Hall ... Halloween Date
Brett Halsey ... Bar Patron
Brett Holland ... Dennis
Leif Holt ... Tim
Heather Hutt ... Dinner Date
Kieran Kenney ... Foxy Cotton
Vivian Kerr ... 4th of July Date
Kelly S. King ... Thanksgiving Date (as Kelly King)
Sharon Diane King ... Edna
Maggie Kwok ... Dinner Date
Derek Livingston ... Glen
James McCaleb ... Bar Patron
Greg McKeon ... Kurt
Jaclyn Napier ... Suzanne
Glenn Neely ... Butch
Wayne Richards ... Kitty Litter
Tristan Scott ... Hunky Bouncer
Alberto Uribe ... Bar Patron
Lindsey Williamson ... Dinner Date
D. Ewing Woodruff ... Buddy

Brian & Chase

Tags: gay romance movie

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