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The Sweet One by Andi Anderson

The Sweet One is a sweet and short novella as the same title said. It’s the classical story about the Guardian Angel who falls in love with his protégé, and it has that peaceful development such stories should have. I liked the quick insight the author gave us about Micah’s life, how he was always a small and fragile kid, but also how he was able to overcome this and become a kind man. Micah absorbed the peace Noah’s was transmitting him as his guardian, and if Noah went beyond his due in protecting Micah, letting the boy feel he was there for him, all of that was done since, even then, Noah felt his bond with Micah was stronger than ordinary.

The story, in length and time span, is not very long, and as I said, there are really no bumps in this relationship, what you have to enjoy is the warm and comfortable feeling the story leaves you, even when there is passion between the two men, it’s always tempered by that peaceful feeling, almost sedated, but not in a negative meaning of the word, more like comfort than cold.

I have already had the chance to appreciate this side of Andi Anderson’s story, this homey feeling of comfort that in her world, everyone can achieve, straights, gays, bisexuals and even Angels (that in this case are not without genre at all!).


Amazon Kindle: The Sweet One
Publisher: Silver Publishing (November 13, 2010)

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Tags: author: andi anderson, genre: fantasy, length: novella, review, theme: angels

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