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Event: Three-in-One Books Launch Party

hex artist cover 2Date: Tuesday, November 1
Time: 19.00 - 21.00
Place: Gay's The Word 66 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB London, United Kingdom

The Three Books are out and they want to celebrate!!! Join then for an evening of readings and screenings. There'll be readings from all three books, as well as screenings of short films, courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures. Becky Mayhew will be reading from Lost Souls, her brilliant book of short stories about women on the edge. Beldan Sezen has flown in especially from Amsterdam to read from her graphic book, Zakkum. And Simon Savory, one of the stars of the soon to be released feature film Stud Life, will read from Lou Dellaguzzo's The Hex Artist. There'll be free booze and free nibbles, so it's kind of a win-win situation. Places are limited to about 30 people (40, if really cosy), so please RSVP here or send them an email to hi@treehousepress.co.uk Directions and everything you need to know about Gay's the Word Bookshop is here: http://freespace.virgin.net/gays.theword/find_us.htm
The Hex Artist
Lou Dellaguzzo
with photographs by Josh McNey


In “Pegasus on the Turnpike” Dale, barely out of high school, fights his way off the family farm, steals his dad's pick-up, and heads for Philly. He meets a trucker, Rick, at his first stop. and the older man invites Dale to share his motel room. What might sound like a porn scenario becomes a tender and meticulous study of freedom and companionship in Lou Dellaguzzo's skillful hands. More erotic angst is part of the mating ritual in “Secret Shoppers” when Freddie and Jack hook up in a bookstore. In the title story, Aaron is cooking breakfast and plotting his way out of an abusive relationship, even if he has nowehere to go. How will it all end?! In all three stories the dialogue is electric, and the characters - an investigation into what it means to be a young gay man trying to connect with other men in the world. Read an interview with Lou Dellaguzzo.

order The Hex Artist
lost souls cover
Lost Souls
Becky Mayhew
with photographs by Paul G. Vine

"Roses", "Shelves", and "Ramona" are three stories about three very different women... a school teacher, a librarian, and a florist. The school teacher in "Ramona" is obsessed with her fearless student while her marriage is on rocky ground. In "Shelves", the librarian narrator judges men by the books they take out, but will go to bed with them anyway! And the florist, in the more experimental and atmospheric "Roses" grapples with reality and her love for a stranger she's been watching in a cafe across the road. Becky Mayhew is a new and exciting voice. We are proud to be publishing her first book of short stories. Read an interview with Becky Mayhew.

order Lost Souls
zakkum cover
Beldan Sezen

Beldan's winning graphic stories (comics) "Demons" and "Fear City" and "A Girl Called Halt" can be seen on her website.


We are delighted to be publishing Beldan’s first full-length comic book. Zakkum (“oleander” in Turkish) is a graphic murder mystery about family, loyalty, love, cultural etiquette and taboos. The narrator, an artist in her early 30s, lives in Amsterdam. A letter arrives one day from her favourite aunt in Istanbul with a cry for help, only to be followed soon after with news of the aunt’s death. Alarmed by this unusual coincidence, she sets off to investigate a possible murder in a city she knows only from childhood holidays and a recent love affair. Family secrets, poisonous plants, and a blinding dislike for her uncle, lead the narrator to jump to the wrong conclusion! Humorous and moving, Zakkum is a unique story and a refreshing glimpse into gay life in Istanbul. Read an interview with Beldan Sezen.

order Zakkum

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