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He Completes Me by Cardeno C.

I understood 2 things reading this book, the 2nd in the Home Series by Cardeno C., that she believes in soul mates and that she likes to slowly introduce the reader to the following couple in the series, in a way letting the reader know that the story is an happily ever after, and that, even if the next couple will have issues, they for sure will find a way to overcome all of them.

Zach and Aaron were introduce to us in Home Again; Zach is Clark’s friend from Los Angeles, and actually I wondered the strange coincidence of Zach moving back to Emile City the same time Clark, almost like he was following his friend. That is not right, and to be precise, it was Zach who decided to move before Clark to going living together with his boyfriend, Aaron.

Zach has met Aaron in not a nice circumstance, Zach’s mother’s funeral. It was a sad circumstance not since Zach was particularly near to his mother, actually he was kicked out of home at only 18 years old, after years of abuses, but since Zach doesn’t want to face all the sad memories Emile City brings back to him. But Zach’s brother Dean lives there, and he seems really a nice guy, he wants for Zach to meet his family, his wife, his three sons and yes, Aaron, since Aaron is part of that family. Aaron is the good boy who has always helped them, when Dean’s wife was depressed, when her business was failing, when she was unable to take care of her own kid. Aaron is also the guy who took care of a terminal ill boyfriend when he was only a teenager, who is still spending all his free time doing volunteering job, who is basically a virgin at 27 years old… Aaron is more or less a saint, and Zach is more or less an “easy” guy.

Dean and his wife Kim has never ever thought Zach and Aaron could be a couple since they are so different, but when Zach meets Aaron, he starts to think that he would like to change to be a better guy and so a better match for Aaron. Not that Aaron is asking that, on the contrary I think he likes Zach exactly as he is, and there was never a moment I felt Aaron was considering a pity case or someone to “safe” from his own sad fate of loneliness; it was all in Zach’s mind, and it was Zach who decided, on his own, that he wanted to be exclusive for the first time in his life, that sex was not the only reason to be with a guy, that building a family with Aaron was not destroying his life but making it better… everything to be worthy of Aaron’s love.

But if I have to choose, I think that who is actually saving someone is Zach; Aaron’s life was… boring, and sad, and empty. He was such a good boy that he has always done things for other people and in that way forgetting to build something for him. Aside for when he is with Dean and Kim’s family or when he is volunteering, Aaron is lonely; he has no hobbies, no boyfriend and he is far from his family. He is waiting for his soul mate and until then there is no reason to “play the field”; sincerely, sometime I found Aaron to be a little too much righteous and grey dove that is Zach is dirtying a bit that shining armour, and in this case a little dirt doesn’t hurt.


Amazon: He Completes Me
Amazon Kindle: He Completes Me
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (March 21, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1615818529
ISBN-13: 978-1615818525

Series: Home
1) Home Again: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1316663.html
2) He Completes Me

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond
Tags: author: cardeno c., genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: virgins

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