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Gulliver Travels by Justin Luke Zirilli

Gulliver Travels is young, funny but not “light”; it’s about a young boy trying to recover from a broken heart in New York City. On an impulse Gulliver left West Hollywood and cheating Graham and came to New York City and best friend Todd.

Todd is living the life of the rich and beautiful, parting each night and changing partner more or less at the same time; if you think that Gulliver, with his broken heart, would be that character moping on the past and not enjoying his lucky star, than you are wrong. Gulliver embraces full front the city and its chances, and sincerely he got it easy; sure at the beginning he is like any other unemployed boy, and it’s not far away the time when he realizes that his dream to be a designer in the Big Apple will never come. Of course there is the classical Starbucks gig, but then, thanks also to cute puppy Senor (Todd’s dog), rightly one of the protagonist of this novel, he lands a job in a theatrical agency.

Sure the author could have it easy, having Gulliver meeting the love of his life, this time the true love, and living happily ever after, but as in the notorious novel, more or less with the same title, there are lot of various adventures waiting for Gulliver on his life travels: on so from designer to waiter, to agent, to porn actor and then to bartender, Gulliver will manage not only to sleep his way to independency (meaning that, in good and bad, it’s Gulliver sleeping with the right or wrong guy that generate a change in route) but also to gain more friends and a lot of self-esteem.

I really liked this novel, even if it’s not strictly a romance, my favourite genre, but more a discovery journey to adulthood. The Gulliver we met at the beginning of the story is far away from the one we will leave at the last page, but in a way, even if completely different, I like them both. First Gulliver is your typical party boy, the one who always looks with critical eyes to other boys, who labels them considering how they are dressed or who they frequent; he is not a bad guy, on the contrary, he is cute and pretty, twink and all. Second Gulliver is more aware of what life cost (and not only on a money level), he is less inclined to judge other people, and probably a better friend. Yes since in the end, more than a love story this is a friendship story: true, Gulliver will have his unrequited love, but while he is able to rip off a lover like an old plaster, the same is not for his friends, especially Todd. Most of the time, I had the feeling that Gulliver was more worried to loose his friends than losing a possible lover, and again, that felt quite right: in the end, for a gay boy alone in a strange city, what is more important than your supporting circle of friends?

Amazon: Gulliver Travels
Amazon Kindle: Gulliver Travels
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: BoiParty Books (May 13, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615489621
ISBN-13: 978-0615489629

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Tags: author: justin luke zirilli, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: show business

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