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Phyllis Matthewman (1896 - July 30, 1979)

Phyllis Matthewman (1896-1979), from Surrey, was a noted author of children's books, primarily "boarding school" storied, in the United Kingdom. As an author for Harlequin Romance, she published two novels. Phyllis made her debut in 1944 with "Set to Partners", her first of 43 novels.

She was educated at Leeds High School. After her father's death, her mother took in paying guests to maintain her and her daughters, Phyllis and Joyce; there was no opportunity for Phyllis to further her education. In 1930 she married Sidney Matthewman. His father ran the Swan Press & had connections in the publishing and literary worlds. They moved frequently until Sidney had a breakdown and Phyllis took a job, and began writing; Sidney helped her both with the books and through his publishing connections. One of Matthewman's closest friends (and a client of her husband) was famous childrens' author Elinor Brent-Dyer. Later Sidney Matthewman set up a literary agency and Elinor Brent Dyer was also a client. In 1964, the Matthewmans moved to Redhill into a joint establishment, Gryphons, with Elinor Brent-Dyer until her death.

Phyllis Matthewman's Books on Amazon: Phyllis Matthewman

Source: http://www.romancewiki.com/Phyllis_Matthewman



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