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Keeping House (Truth or Dare 1) by Lee Brazil

After some days spending reading wonderful but not light novels, I really needed something different, a Hollywood comedy style story. Aside from the nice coincidence that indeed Keeping House is set in Hollywood, Los Angeles, it’s you all around love comedy plot with a cinderfella twist. Micha Blake is the spoiled younger son of a very wealthy family of Hollywood producers; he doesn’t like the family business, but he doesn’t disdain their money. When his brothers dare him to find a job and maintain himself for a year, the only job 20 years old without college degree Micha is able to find is the one as housekeeper for ad executive Donovan Holloway.

As the perfect ad man, Donovan has an idyllic imagine of what suburbs life should be: white fences, garden pool parties and a welcoming house waiting for him when he comes back from work. When he realized, at a young age, he was gay, that dream changed only a little, substituting the wife with a husband. Donovan was raised in a hippy community and what for other people is a conservative, and fake, lifestyle for him is the realization of a childhood dream. Even a younger husband (Donovan is pushing 40, Micha is barely 20) fit perfectly into the picture, how many of those perfect family have indeed a younger wife paired with a handsome, but older husband?

Even if light and mostly funny, the story was truly romantic, and someway even realistic; the life of a spoiled rich kid Micha was leading I think is the real life of many of those boys and girls you read in the trashy magazine, teenagers playing to be rebels but with enough money to buy drugs and expensive toys. And among those spoiled brats, the twincest story between Dex and Trick is one I for sure will read (it’s the second book in the series).

As I said, the plot is mostly romance, and there is not drama at all. It’s a nice and good story, with just that touch of sex to make it enticing, but mostly it remains on the “sweet” level.


Amazon Kindle: Keeping House (Truth or Dare)
Publisher: Breathless Press (May 5, 2011)

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Tags: author: lee brazil, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: cinderfella

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