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Appearing Nightly by Cat Grant

Following the story of Cameron, the high-paid male prostitute who found love and new career in the previous book, Appearing Nightly sees him and his business partner Mike trying to rescue from bankruptcy a Chelsea night club. Mike turns Michelle on Friday and Saturday night and they have an impromptu drag queen show. The only other employee they have is Ryan, a skittish young man Mike is not able to pinpoint: or he is virgin, but at 26 years old that seems unlikely, or he is straight and quite nervous to be working in a gay private club. Ryan is Cameron’s protégé, when Mike tries to understand why he is working in a gay club while he is so clearly embarrassed by it, Cameron is not clear, asking Mike to give him some slack.

Even is Mike likes to play to be Michelle, he is not your typical drag queen; sure, he likes to sew his own dresses, and he has a “nurturing” tendency, a bit like a mother hen, but aside from that, he is more the beer type of guy than cocktail. When he is in drags, he tends to be more a flirt, and of course, being Cameron committed with Trevor, Ryan is the obvious object of the flirting, but it’s innocent and without hidden agenda. Ryan tends to cast a glance or two towards Mike, even more if he is on his Michelle persona, and that is not an irrelevant details: even if Ryan will arrive to admit he is gay, actually I would classify him more as bisexual; he has a former girlfriend, Alexa, and apparently his relationship with her failed not since he was not interested, but more since Alexa got tired of Ryan’s past addiction to drugs and alcohol; and as I said, Ryan tends to get more excited when Mike is dressed as a woman. Truth to Ryan, even when Mike is on full man mode, he is as involved as he could be, and all the sex scenes between Mike and Ryan happen when both of them are in their ordinary persona.

I have the feeling that Ryan is the type of man who needs to be lead and protected; it’s not that he is weak or poor willed, but he has not a strong character and as such, he tends to be attracted by strong willed women or men. And to me, it appeared that he has no specific inclination for one or the other sex, basically he is more attracted by the character than the sex. Even the little age difference between Ryan and Mike (26 and 36) is good, it’s another positive point on the listing of reason why a relationship between Ryan and Mike not only could work, but it’s also good for Ryan.


Amazon Kindle: Appearing Nightly
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (December 15, 2010)

Series, Icon Men:
1) The First Real Thing: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1164385.html
2) Appearing Nightly

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