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Constance Heaven (August 6, 1911 - 1995)

British author Constance Heaven, née Constance Fecher (b. August 6, 1911 in London, England, UK - d. 1995) wrote romantic suspense novels which featured the Kuragin family, including THE ASTROV LEGACY (1973) and HEIR TO KURAGIN (1979). Ms. Heaven also wrote contemporary mysteries under the pseudonym CHRISTINA MERLIN. Both names are pen names for author CONSTANCE FECHER, who published historical novels in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Constance Fecher’s books are not a fictionalized, romanticized history; they are a careful study of an intriguing, courageous individuals who were perhaps too modern, intelligent, and tolerant for their age. In 1973, her novel The House Of Kuragin was the Winner of Romantic Novel of the Year

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Tags: romance history

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