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Catch Me If I Fall by Riley Knox

Very nice sweet comedy novella about two neighbours falling in love with the help of their respective families.

Home working thirty something nerdy Avery is babysitting his 4 years old nephew and dreaming about his hunky neighbour Ethan. To his knowledge Ethan is a straight divorced father of two teenager girls; the same girls are also in the softball team Avery is coaching, and they have some inside news for their own father: apparently clumsy Avery is like that only when he is near Ethan.

Ethan is not straight at all; after a friendly divorce from his wife, he is playing it down low to not upset his daughters, but the girls have nothing against the idea of their father settling with cute Avery, and so they push him to invite their coach to dinner.

All the novella is played in less than 1 week, from the day Ethan asks Avery out, to the night of their date; there is of course also a very nice, and good, night of sex, something that to me would have been plenty of embarrassing, since both Ethan’s daughters than Avery’s sister are aware of that and planned to leave one of the house empty to allow Ethan and Avery some quality time alone. But also this is part of the “comedy” feeling of the novella, a mix of romance and funny, a simple but sweet story.

I recommend this story to the more romantic readers, who like their stories without drama but with plenty of cuteness.


Amazon Kindle: Catch Me If I Fall
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (May 28, 2011)

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Tags: author: riley knox, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review

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