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Brac Pack, Volume 2 by Lynn Hagen

Sunshine’s Savior (Brac Pack 3) by Lynn Hagen

In the tradition (this series is more or less at book 20) of Lynn Hagen’s style, the timber wolf of this book finds his mate as soon as the story starts, and most of the time is spent with the two of them trying to find a balance as a couple. The main difference with the first two books is that the human boy here is not exactly young and naïve like Cecil and Johnny were; I didn’t add innocent since Cecil was far from being it, even if he has innocence in attitude if not in body.

Blair unfortunately was forced to loose all his innocence first by an abusive father and then by a life on the streets as a hustler; that is the main issue when he meets his mate Kota, the feeling that he is too dirty for a knight in shining armour like Kota. Plus Blair has some kink, nothing major but still, that makes him not so comfortable to share a house full of men who are apparently looking at everything they are doing in the bedroom.

If the reader is questioning why suddenly all the timber wolf of the pack are finding their mates, when they spent hundreds of years waiting, the answer is simple: apparently their Alpha, the first to find the mate in book 1, is having special dreams, dreams that will send wolf after wolf towards the right direction, i.e. their mate.

In a way, maybe due to the less “pretty” Blair (don’t get me wrong Blair is pretty, but at least he is not so naïve like the other two), or maybe due to the sex that seems more balanced between Blair and Kota (at least Blair has some experience), this story had the feeling to be more “steady”, like it was built on more solid base. Maybe it was also that, at book 3, the reader has more info on the series, and even if the story is only a novella, it’s enough to involve you in the story, you don’t need much setting details to navigate in the series.

Good solid addition to an interesting evolving series.


Amazon Kindle: Sunshine's Savior [Brac Pack 3]
Siren Publishing (April 12, 2011)

Remi’s Pup (Brac Pack 4) by Lynn Hagen

Remi’s Pup is a nice addition to the Brac Pack series by Lynn Hagen; the main difference between this last chapter and the previous stories is that Remi is not a “full” Alpha male. Already in the previous books we had the chance to see that Remi is more “relaxed”; don’t get me wrong, he is strong, and bid, and bad as much as his fellow shapeshifter warriors, but he has a more laissez-faire attitude towards the world, something that will become clear when he will accept to bottom for his mate. To not completely letting him losing the “alpha” male role, the author decided to make Drew an half-breed wolf, so that, even if omega, he is still stronger than a normal human, and as such, he can, sometime, top Remi.

At the fourth book in the series, I’m coming to have the impression that the house where all the strong shapeshifters are living with their mates is like an after-school club; the four twinky mates haven’t nothing to do if not playing and misbehaving, while their Alpha mates (and their still unattached friends) do the house chores, protect them and, at night, ravish them plenty and satisfyingly.

Yes, if you are searching highly dramatic paranormal romances, well, Brac Pack is probably not your series. But if you want something simple and light, and sometime even comic, I suggest you to give it a try. There is only one point I didn’t like, but actually it’s not something I can take upon the author: when Remi and Drew go books shopping, there is again the highlighting of the fact that women do read gay romance, and the characters wonder why… if it was the first time I read that in a novel, I wouldn’t have noticed, but lately it’s almost a common occurrence, and it’s starting to irk me somehow.


Amazon Kindle: Remi's Pup [Brac Pack 4]
Publisher: Siren Publishing (April 12, 2011)

Amazon: Brac Pack, Volume 2
Paperback: 170 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 28, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1610345274
ISBN-13: 978-1610345279

Series: Brac Pack
1-2) Maverick's Mate / Hawk's Pretty Baby: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1309593.html
3-4) Sunshine's Savior / Remi's Pup

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