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Rainbow in the Dark by Amy Meister

I admit that one of them main reason I bought this book is since it was an anthropomorphic novel and I’m a bit hooked on this genre. The author did a nice job with the theme, but she remains quite high level so I think this is a gay romance that can appeal even the non-fan of that theme; sure, there are some not-to-miss details that makes this an anthropomorphic novel, like the highlighting different species and different traits, but other than that, you soon forget you are reading about a crossbreed wolf and raccoon and a fossa (big compliments for the original choice), to being involved in a love story between a 32 years old metal rocker and the 24 years old wanna-be rocker he wants to help, other than love.

Actually, I’m not an expert on the genre, far from that, I read more or less 5 novels in total, but I think the author had some concessions on the strict rules, like the fossa has a rabbit pet, when btw there is also a rabbit as supporting character, and the guys went out to dine on a steakhouse eating moose when, again, there is a deer as supporting character… these are all little details that made me wonder; true it would have been unrealistic having carnivores eating only fish, but still…

Now, please, don’t get me wrong, aside for these very stupid details, I really liked the story; it’s not overtly erotic, there are just that sex scenes to make them fitting right in the plot without boring the reader, and the love story was very sweet and romantic. The show business background was nicely done, it’s clear the author knows her business when talking about metal rock and underground scenes, and I also wondered about her knowledge of a not so notorious city like Dresden; through for an European reader, Dresden is well known, and even I that are not so skilled in hard rock know that Germany is a big name for that music field, but the author really immersed the reader in an original setting, Germany, with a skill that, again, seems to arrive from direct experience.

The book is also pretty long, almost 500 pages; yes, sometime, especially at the beginning, I was wondering when the story would have finally kicked in, but I think that was supposed to highlight how Marcus was reaching a breaking point, how he was really tired of his life as it was, and when Bard enters the scene is like fresh air, pure energy that shakes Marcus from his numbness. Not exactly Sleeping Beauty and his prince, but almost. Speaking of prince and princess, there is not really a dominant role in the couple, sometime it seems that Marcus is taking that role, but it’s more due to the age factor I think, and when talking about sex, they pretty much take turn… so yes, this is definitely a balanced couple, in each meaning of the word.


Amazon Kindle: Rainbow in the Dark
Publisher: Silver Publishing (August 10, 2011)

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http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

Cover Art by Rukis
Tags: author: amy meister, genre: fantasy, length: novel, review, theme: furry lovers, theme: show business

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