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Vince by J.M. Snyder

Another story with teen characters by J.M. Snyder. Vince and Eric were best friends. But when a guy begins to become a man, at 14 years old, then Vince discovers that his feelings for Eric are not of friendship. He is in love with his pal and he dreams the love is mutual. And he is careless and daring and he declares his love expecting to be declared back... but Eric laughs, true, it was an histerical laught, but a 14 years old guy is frail, and easily scared, and for Vince is like a stab in the heart. He runs away and never turns back...

Vince's life changes. He becomes introverts and reserved, the classical troubled guy that everyone at school avoids. Eric instead, solar and friendly, is the best athlete and the perfect next door boy. But not always the appearence is true, and now, few months before college, Vince has right in mind what he wants to do and Eric... Eric only knows that he wants his friend back. Only a friend? Maybe more. But Vince doens't want to forget that damned laugh, doesn't want to forgive, cause he doesn't want to be wounded again.

A very tender and naive tale, about love and youth, about feelings that seem so strong when you are so young. Vince is a very interesting character, maybe with an hint of Dom-to-be in him, like Eric has a true submissive nature. The story has not a real end, so you can choose the end you prefer... love at 17 years old is forever, life has not yet seeped.


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Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 13, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440494371
ISBN-13: 978-1440494376

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Tags: author: j.m. snyder, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: coming of age

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