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Keys to love by S.J. Frost

Even if set in the same universe of Conquest and No Fear, Keys to love is the story of Julian, Jesse’s pianist. Julian was a character I liked very much, and I really wanted to read his story. It seemed easy, and obvious, that Julian’s partner ought to be Brandon, Jesse’s brother, and indeed they had a fling, but if I remember well, it was already finished in the previous book. So when this novel starts, Julian is more or less mourning all the lost chances he had at happiness, Brandon included, and he is pining for a long-term relationship like Jesse and Evan has. And like an answer to his prayers, here it comes Morgan, handsome, kind and already in love with Julian.

Morgan has a crush on Julian, but it’s a “classical” infatuation; Morgan, high school music teacher, felt in love for Julian, the classical pianist, and was a little disappointed when Julian moved to rock. He changes mood when this moving allow him to finally meet the man, Morgan, without job due to the economic downfall, is hired as roadie for Jesse and Julian’s rock group, and of course as soon as Julian sees the handsome man, the deal is made. I had the feeling Julian was a little too eager to close the deal, maybe he was feeling a little antsy, and whoever was fitting the bill could do… but of course I’m joking, since Julian and Morgan are really made for each other.

Joke aside, all the series has a little the feeling to be like a playground for big guys who like to behave a little like kids. Julian is 26, Morgan is 31, Jesse is over 20 and if I remember well Evan is well over 30… but all of them behave like the real world is not there, waiting for them. Morgan, with a huge lease to pay, is willing to spend 30.000 dollars to have the pleasure to listen Julian play a private concert, when basically he can simple go and ask the guy to play for him; Julian pays out Morgan’s debts without telling the man, when it’s obvious Morgan will not be happy at all, and so on and so on… So yes, this is not the lifestory of men who don’t know how to make the end of the month meets, but after all, this is first of all a romance, and second a show business theme… of course it’s all about the sparkling and sweet.


Amazon: Keys to Love
Amazon Kindle: Keys to Love
Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (July 29, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608201589
ISBN-13: 978-1608201587

1) Conquest: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/843251.html
2) No Fear: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1010529.html
3) Keys to love

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