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Bark at the Moon by Julia Davies

I read this novella like a test-drive for this author, to understand if she was able to write a Gay Paranormal romance. I think she passed the test.

The plot is quite ordinary, there are no fireworks or sudden turns, but it was nice for once to sit down and relax with an ordinary “extraordinary” (it’s a paranormal) story: Ret is a enforcerer for a pack of werewolves living in an English small town (that is probably the oddity, usually shapeshifter romance are not set in England, even if, actually, one of the most famous werewolves story is in London…); Andy is the new guy in town, an human, but he is also Ret’s mate.

When Ret smells his partner, he has no doubt he will have the man; and since both of them are adult, consentient, and gay, Ret simply waits for Andy out of the pub where Andy is working and takes him home, just like that, simply, good and nice. Trouble is that, even if their night together was good, Andy feels something is not “ordinary”, and Ret, again without much drama, tells him the true, not only Ret is a werewolf, but Andy is living in a town where most of the man he knows are… a little too much for poor Andy to digest in one shot, and that is probably the only “drama” you will find in this novella, but again, it was a “right” drama, rightly fitting the feeling and the development the plot has had until then.

It seems I’m complaining the plot was too simple, but it’s not like that. I think the author is using a solid basis of the paranormal romance rules, and she put them together in a nicely way. Bark at the Moon maybe is not “sparkling”, but it’s for sure better than many other first attempt I read, and Julia Davies has at least won a chance from me to read her second, and longer, novel always set in this same universe.


Amazon Kindle: Bark at the Moon
Publisher: Phaze Books (January 4, 2011)

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Tags: author: julia davies, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: shapeshifters

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