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One Night by R.J. Scott

Liam and Micah are not your ordinary guys, they are living the life of the beautiful and rich, and their trouble is not how to arrive at the end of the month; but even if they have not material issue, feelings are all another matter. Micah is comfortable with him being gay, so much that is own relatives, two beloved sisters and a brother-in-law, are able to joke with him about that, but deep down Micah is lonely, he would like a very normal, very ordinary family like his parents had, like his sister has. Like in an old fashioned movie, Micah, the owner of a vineyard, would like to pass his land to his own heirs, but to do that he needs a family.

Liam is the very wealthy, very sad second son of an old money stock; I didn’t actually understand if his best girlfriend was aware or not Liam was gay, or if she was aware or not that she was dying, in a way or the other, Liam married Janelle, Janelle had a daughter and she died, leaving Liam a single father of a wonderful baby; maybe since the first marriage of convenience was not a total loss, Liam is now willing to marry a second time, this time with the future wife well aware she is embarking in a chaste marriage since Liam is gay. Few weeks to the event, Liam has cold feet, and asks for a week of freedom, a week he will use to re-evaluate his life.

While Micah is in the posh hotel with the full intent to find a guy and spend one week of debauchery, Liam maybe had not that idea at first, but as soon as he meets Micah, he changes plans. True Micah is not for one night stand, he goes more for romance and courtship and that is the end for their plans: Micah wants more from Liam, and Liam is not sure he is able to give him that.

There is a trend in romance for novels that make you dream; sure you are of the working class, you will never have the change to spend time in the hotels you read about in these stories, but nevertheless, you don’t want to read about how difficult is to pay the next bill, or the difficulties you will face if you fall in love for someone who lives on the other side of the country… you want to read of Micah and Liam’s trouble, trouble that will be solved in an heartbeat, as soon as Liam will find the courage to finally be the man he wants to be. Micah and Liam will not be touched by the ugliness of the world, and the happily every after will be there, waiting for them.


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Publisher: Silver Publishing (July 8, 2011)

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